Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Coach Talk #1 @ What Color Is Your Personality?


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Although the first color wheel is attributed to Sir Isaac Newton in 1706, the first basic color chart was created by Richard Wall in 1686. I'm taking you to a new level for 2015! I did some research and this is a really good personality color chart that I'm sharing, as well as a few images that relate to this subject!   

Several months ago I wrote a post on how to decorate a baby's room and how certain colors affect baby's moods and their perception.  With that in mind, I thought it would be a great idea to look at elements of color again but from an adult perspective.  I was encouraged to write this post because as I grow in my gift, I am also making contact with a lot of different people.  Learning and developing clients, is a critical part of my training.  As an aspiring coach, I desire to know as much as I can about why individuals, including myself, think and act the way that we do. 

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Personally, I love bright colors but I can remember a time in my life when I liked nothing but dark colors.  Even now, I still tend to find myself closing all the blinds in our home, when I want that cozy feeling.  It's crazy right?  Our moods do effect how we relate to colors.  Why?  Because many times, the way we react, think or feel about something, shows in our body language.  Sometimes this is good but sometimes this can be really bad...LOL! 
Have you ever evaluated yourself and your personality traits?  Have you ever thought about why you act like you act, whether it's good or bad?  Just think about it for a minute.  If you surround yourself with negative or depressed individuals all day long, how do you think you would act?  Probably, the same as them.  Yes?  Now, if you were around happy people and outgoing individuals that were positive thinkers and ambitious, more than likely, in time, I'm sure you would begin to behave in the same manner as they do.  So how does all of this fit into knowing what our personality colors are?  Well, I'm glad you asked...LOL!
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As I begin this journey, I thought about myself and how I should determine what colors make up who I am before I can eventually coach someone else about the importance of it!  Of course, each day is different for me and some days my personality colors will be different, for sure!  However, "I know me" and "you know you", better than anyone else, so literally speaking, we should have an overall idea of who we are and our real personalities! 

"Truthfully speaking, you have to know "you" in order to make a real and true assessment of yourself...LOL!!"

Yes or No?  If you answered yes, then you can start from there and begin to learn about yourself better, as a whole person. You noticed I said "learn".  We all claim to "know" who we are and that's ok but there is always room for growth and we are always learning new things about ourselves, all the time.  That's just the way life is! 
This is not rocket science, it's simply learning more about who you are, improving on those things that are good and doing away with the things that are not necessarily bad but that are not so good!

You tracking???  Say yes...LOL!!!  Anyway, I'm sharing some information on how you can determine what colors determine your personality.   This is not set in stone and this is only one resource.  You will find other diagrams and resources online if you search on your own.  I simply want you to begin thinking about this.  It is really an important part of who you are and your character.  Let me know what you think and let me know what color(s) you are ;-)!!
I would love to hear from you and hope you will post a comment ;-)!