Friday, July 24, 2015

How To Meditate For 10 Minutes: It Works!

True story...recently, I participated in a meditation session and it was something I had never done before.  I am such a busy body, always running from here to there, never taking "time out" for anything!  That's the truth.  Well, I participated in a meditation session this month and the best way for me to describe it to you is AWESOME! 

I've posted blogs in the past about creating a "quiet place" for yourself and how important that is. Today, I'm sharing PART II to your quiet place.  Hopefully by now, you have created that place that is yours and yours alone.  I suggested that you find something that you could relax with during your quiet time. Something that you could fix your mind on and something that you could simply stare at, all day long, that would provide a sense of peace.  My "something" was a pink flower that I purchased years ago.  When I need quiet time, I go to that place where my pink flower is, which is my office and I take a mental dump for a few minutes.  Please see my blog post on "Taking A Mental Dump."

Well, with that said, I want to take you to another level of PEACE.  I want to recommend that you consider adding a form of "meditation" to your quiet time, in your already quiet place!  When I say this, I mean transforming your mind.  Going from "quiet" to "calm".  Does that make sense?   From "silence" to "tranquil".  The focus is not only on the "quiet place you are in" but "the quieting or meditation of your mind."  It's very simple to do.  Let's  go there...

Go to your quiet place.  Now record this meditation message below on your smartphone and have some instrumental music playing, behind your voice. Music shoud be soft and low.  You want to hear the voice message as you speak these words of PEACE into your soul.  This is my very own meditation version that you can try but when sharing please know that it is a COPYRIGHT and cannot be claimed as anything other than such.  

You may use this meditation message, but please give credit to as the source of origin.
post signature 10 MINUTE MEDITATION
(Copyright 2015)
***Pause 3 seconds in between each sentence!! Enjoy this 10 minutes for YOU and appreciate the moment.

Close your eyes.  You are resting. Let your heart relax.  Breathe softly, in and out.  Relax.  You hear the sounds of water but the ebbs and flows of the ocean are so quiet, that you can barely hear the waves.  Its calming to you.  Your senses pick up the smell of salt water and the sound of a light wind.  The wind is blowing through your hair and you feel so free.  Like a kite that is soaring through the atmosphere.  Relax-Relax-Relax.  Let your eyes, nose and ears relax.  Relax your head and neck.  Tension is no longer toxic.  Relax your shoulders, your arms, your hands and your fingers.  Relax your thighs, your legs and your feet. Let each toe relax. Just think about relaxing your entire body.   Enjoy the breeze but appreciate the sun that has just broken through the clouds.  The waves are now a little louder but very gentle.  The heat from the sun is comfortable and a moderate feel on your face and neck.  Don't think about anything.  Totally clear your mind of everything. This is your moment for YOU.  Just relax. Invite PEACE and think about nothing but you.  Let's just listen to the quiet for a few minutes.........PAUSE:  Let music play low and softly. 
START AGAIN....You are free from the world on a moment that soley belongs to you. Now breathe in and out 3 times. Breathe-Breathe-Breathe.  Feel your chest and back contract.  In and out.
You are free. Now open your eyes and sit for 5 minutes before returning to your day!