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Spotlight On A True Fashionista: LoftTalk @ Contributor {SHANAY - July 2015}

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Last month I asked for "experts" to share their stories or ideas on an area they were talented in and I received 2 stories.  I know you will be influenced this month by the expert insight these contributors share with us!!  Happy ;-) for me because I promised you that I would get 2 experts to share!  I didn't set the bar very high because I wasn't really sure if I would get a lot of folks wanting to participate.  LoftTalk is creeping by, month to month, with a story here and a story there, but with that said, I believed 2 people would share for this campaign and they did!  Thank you for stepping out and sharing...
So, here's the first contribution from Ms. Shanay Brown.  You may remember her contribution to LoftTalk last month on "Cheryl's Taco Dip Recipe."  She praised her Mom(Cheryl)and how much she loved her tacos.  This month, Shanay shares some tips, advice and good information on her fashion experience and it's an awesome contributionThanks Shanay for your expert information!!  
Let's peek in and see what Shanay is sharing with us this month as our "Spotlight Fashionista!"
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Ms. Shanay Brown 
“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably they remember the woman.”  Coco Chanel

Before I begin to dig deep into fashion and fashion critic. I would like to dedicate this post to my all time favorite fashionista’s that have been in my life for a great amount of time.  My mother Cheryl D. Brown, Aunt Antoinette (Toni) Stevens who is my mom’s younger sister, my two older cousins Akilah E. Stevens and Kay Taylor, Deaconess Sharon Ball and Myra Smith, and of course my New Psalmist Sister Mrs. Deborah Ramsey

Obtaining over six years of extensive knowledge and experience in the Retail and Fashion industry, I am confident when someone ask me for my advice about their fashion style or how they should hook up a "5 star"  outfit for a special occasion!  I began styling babies and toddlers at Gymboree in Owings Mills Mall, to styling men and women at Banana Republic in Annapolis Westfield Mall.  Most recently, I've had the opportunity to work my fashion expertise at Aerosoles in the Galleria at Harborplace, located in the heart of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. 

I am truly and forever thankful for my fun and humble beginning at "Wear It’s At" in Reisterstown, MD.  This experience allowed me to learn the ins and outs of the Consignment business, which is very near and dear to my recent success. Giving back, in any capacity, is rewarding.  So,I "love to indulge" within the consignment industry, selling my personal pieces of clothing that are always in great condition. 

My style is a mix between vintage, budget friendly and high-end merchandise. Flea Market finds and hand me downs have been staples for my every day wardrobe, as well.  Sounds funny, but it's true!!  As a fashionista/stylist I choose to mix trends, colors and styles, wearing what feels most comfortable on me.  Yet, a life lesson that was quickly learned was you do not have to follow the clique trends because you will quickly go broke!  Learn to dress for yourself and don't let other people's opinions change what you feel like wearing. 

In the fashion industry, it's important to understand and know the concerns of your customer and/or client.  Providing excellent customer service and knowing as much as you can helps with styling, all around.  For example, I wouldn't
style my mother the same way I would style and lend advice to a friend.
That's good "fashion sense".....


*      Black dress

*      Black blazer

*      Black button collar shirt                       
*      Black classic heels
*      Black tights

*      Skin tone stockings

*      Tan and/or nude heels

*      White button collar shirt

*      Black/grey/navy skirt                         

Remember unexpected things do occur in life so having the basics is a must
Online shops are the best because we can hit them anytime of day or night and enjoy the convenience of "no shopping bags"...LOL!!!!
ONLINE....Check them out! 




*      Wear It’s At

*      Too Good to Be Thru, LLC

*      A People United 

*      The Woman’s Exchange

*      For Rent Shoes 


Here's a tip for you.... a trend that is somewhat new to the fashion industry is Renting Handbags and clothing.  Ladies, I will leave that for you to discuss with your family and friends. The Wall Street Journal did an amazing article on July 24, 2008 entitled  “ The Skinny on Handbag –Rental Services.”  Please check that out as a notable source. 

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