Monday, August 31, 2015

Eating Healthy and Heart Good: Keep It Going!

Well, the summer is winding down and now more than ever, I'm really taking the opportunity to grill outside and enjoy some good seafood, the sweetness of corn on the cob, jersey tomatoes (I'm a Jersey girl) and fresh strawberries!  As much as I love the seasons when they change, fall and winter months tend to make me want to eat heavier foods.  With football season about to kick off, I know we are all thinking about the crockpots and some gold old chili!  Buffalo chicken dip is a favorite and definitely on the top of my list, as soon as the first chill hits the air...LOL! 

Although Summer 2015 is coming to a close, I still want to think about eating healthy.  I have to be mindful that I have high blood pressure and my cholesterol tends to spike up, when I put on extra weight.  I find that grilling my foods not only provides that extra flavor that I don't get from stovetop but its just much more healthier for me.  Even when the weather gets cold and I can't grill outside, I use my stovetop grill.  You can purchase one from almost any department or cookware store. 

Riding bikes and taking those strolls after dinner doesn't have to end so soon either.  You can ride your bike right through the fall season and if you dress a little warmer, you can continue to take those after dinner walks also.  The main thing I'm trying to tell you in this post is to keep it going! "Keep eating healthy and keep eating heart good!"

I'm sharing ideas that you can try out by preparing chicken, onions, green peppers and globe grapes on skewers, marinated in Wishbone Italian Seasoning.  Grilling salmon (great for you and your heart) on a vented grill pan sprayed with Pam Baking Spray and seasoned with lemon pepper and steaming old bay seasoned snow crabs, in heavy duty foil.  Try out different fruits such as the Japanese Pear I show with mouth watering watermelon and fresh, ripened strawberries.  Get in the habit of using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and  I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, when you need to flavor your corn and vegetables such as the fresh cucumber and tomato salad I show. 

As far as seasonings, I basically use lemon pepper on most of my foods.  I use it more now than before on my vegetables since a good friend of mine from Jersey shared how good it taste on everything and she was right, so I'm hooked! Don't overdo it though because you do want to keep your sodium intake at a minimum. A good substitute for lemon pepper seasoning, without the sodium, would be fresh squeezed lemon and fresh black pepper. Old Bay is also very good of course, on your seafood.  Go light on the Old Bay because its heavy in sodium too and the grill really does give your seafood a wonderful flavor that allows you to use less Old Bay.

I also make my own salad dressing using some EVOO and balsamic vinegar.  Add some salt and dry Italian seasoning, stir and that's it! So good!  Now, fire up the grill.  Everything will take literally less than 30 to 45 minutes to grill because the food cooks so much quicker on the grill, due to the direct heat.

Sit outdoors and enjoy your meal with some refreshing drinks made with sparkling cider, cranberry juice, a little orange juice, grenadine and a twist of lemon juice.  Mix and serve over ice. 

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Friday, August 28, 2015

7 Ways To Stay Accountable To Your Vision: Checking In With Your Vision Board!

Happy Friday!

So, I created a vision board back in April of this year and I happen to be thinking about some of the pictures and quotes that I had put on my vision board.  My thought was whether I had started setting goals for any of those things I envisioned!  So, I took a look at it today and realized that I have started to put some of these goals in place but I still have to keep working at it.

Staying accountable for something or to someone, is sometimes hard to do.  What gets in our way?  Well, a lot of things!  Most of the time, that's the reason why we start out with a plan to do something but somewhere, somehow, along the way, we get sidetracked and we never get done!  How can you stay accountable to "you", particularly to the vision you see and have set for yourself?  There are a few ways I try to stay "in check" with goals and plans I set for myself.  It's not easy but I do find creating a vision board or two, really helps me with staying focused and committed.  You can create several vision boards that speak to different visions, that you have set for yourself. That's absolutely ok.  

If you have a vision board that you created and you are truly following through with getting some or all of those goals completed, then that is wonderful!  If you started working some of the goals but not everything, that's cool too!  However, if you have never started anything you envisioned on that board or if your vision board is tucked away collecting dust, then you should think about creating a new one.  Starting over is a good thing, just "start somewhere."
If you want ideas or directions on how to make a vision board, see my "Vision Board" page.  It really explains vision boards well. Once you have your board done, start working on your goals immediately, but don't check-in with your board for about 4-6 months.  That gives you plenty of time to accomplish some of the ideas, you have set out to do.  Once you check-in, then you have met the first commitment on my list!  Congratulations!  Now check out my 7 ways on how you can stay accountable to your vision...

1.  Check-In with your Vision Board(s) within 4-6 months, after you have created it.

2.  Begin a Vision Board Journal for "Short Term Goals."  What does short term mean for you?  One year, two years, three to five years?  It's up to you.  You should try to keep it realistic.  I like a 3-year plan to accomplish my short term goals.  That just works for me. You choose what works for you. 

3.  Next , categorize your vision board goals.  You may want to allow at least 4 to 6 pages for each category since you can continue to add to each page as you grow your vision board or create new ones.  At the top of the first page, for each category, title it with one of the titles below:
-Started (you are on your way!)
-Never Started (you need to get going!)
-Working On It (you are in the "meantime" & almost done!)
-Completed (High Five, you are done..."Next!")
-Celebrate (Every "win" deserves a "prize!" Celebrate you!)

4.  Now, get comfortable and look at each, picture, label, quote, name, letter, number, cut-out, etc. and categorize it in your journal, under the appropriate title!  Once you have categorized all of your ideas that you envisioned for yourself a few months ago, analyze where you are with your commitment to your vision board, in the present moment.  How does this look to you?  How does it make you feel?   Be honest with yourself.  This is you and your vision, no one else.

5.  Understandably, some of your ideas on your vision board may not be doable right away or possibly not at all, right now. What can you begin to do to work toward making these ideas a reality?  For me, I began another journal and listed all of my ideas that were more than 3 years out.  Remember, short term for me is 3 years, so anything after that is long term.  Maybe a "Long Term Goals "journal can work for you.  Major goals may take time to get accomplished and that's ok.  Now if things change and you are able to make them happen sooner, then fine, you can shift them from long to short term.  Too easy!

6.  After analyzing "yourself and your vision", decide where you need to "begin or begin again", to get to the finish line...that is..."Celebrate!" That's the ultimate goal and at the end of the day, it's really all about you, your vision and making yourself accountable to "you."

7.  Peel away at each one of your ideas & goals (Vision Board), make yourself accountable (Short Term or Long Term) and begin working toward your victory (Celebrate)!
Start Now...;-)!!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Spotlight On A Vessel of God: LoftTalk @ Contributor {DARYN - Aug 2015}

 "A vessel and a blessing."  A wonder to watch as God uses this growing, insightful writer in a way, such as this.  As you read his story, you will be moved and blessed by a message that will inspire and encourage you to begin thinking about God's purpose and plan for your life.  "Thanks Daryn" for sharing once again with LoftTalk @!  As your wife, I am blessed to watch God use you so unselfishly and how He continually makes room for your "awesome" gift! 
"I love and appreciate you." 
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  from a  
Biblical Perspective

By Daryn C. Ramsey

Much has been said in the media about "power" that can be attributed to positive thinking from a practical or scientific perspective. Conversely, let us examine "power"  more thoroughly, from a spiritual and biblical point of view. 

Yes, there is truth to power in positive thinking, however, as Christians we know that positive thinking comes from having faith.  Ephesians 3:20 says, God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. The Holy Spirit that dwells in all believers gives us the power to do things that the world could never comprehend. The world believes and thinks with physical eyes and ears yet, as believers we think and believe with spiritual eyes and ears. I like to call it a spiritual antennae.   

The Holy Spirit gives us power to discern, so that we can navigate effectively. Discernment gives us power to steer clear of danger and stay focused on the path ahead which leads to God's purpose and destiny for our lives. We know that we can accomplish and do all things through Christ who not only strengthens us, but lives in us by way of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our Helper.  Acts 1:8 proclaims, you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. We are sanctified through the truth, which is the word of God, believe by faith that Christ lives within us, and empowered by our spiritual leaders and fellow believers.   

After all, we are Gods handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10-11). We have the power in knowing that God loves us so much, that he makes provisions for us to reach our destiny, according to the purposes that he has planned in which we were created. 

Daryn C. Ramsey is a graduate of the University of Maryland University College and has an interest in writing on various topics that include inspirational, sports, recipes, and current events. He can be found on twitter @DRamSportCorner

Monday, August 24, 2015

Start Somewhere: Celebrating One Year All Because I Started Somewhere!

OMG...can I be real with you?  Life has been crazy, hectic, flying by, all of that and a bag of chips!  I have been so insanely busy this summer with fitting in vacation time with my hubby, spending time with my family, attending coach training, volunteering my time, recovering from a sinus bug that has tried to get the best of me and just everyday life situations.  Have you been there? Are you there right now...LOL!  It's been nonstop and like a fast moving train.

You could imagine that moving at a fast pace such as this, something on your radar would surely fall off, right? I'm juggling with a numerous amount of things right now and they are all good!  I don't want to give up any of them because ultimately they all play an important role in my life. Well, even with my "crazy" going on, is my "baby" and although "life" has been nonstop for me lately and my choices have prevented me from blogging like I'm use to, "you", my viewers, faithful followers and subscribers are still hanging in there with me!  It was so nice to hear just yesterday, someone that is a subscriber and supporter of say: "I miss your blogs, can you start blogging more often again?"  I was floored and so appreciative of that comment.

Just last week, one of the contributing writers that supports my site asked, "What can I contribute next month?"  I really do appreciate the support.  Yes, it is not often that I hear these comments but the rewarding part for me is that I am hearing them!  This means someone is interested in what I do.  I am grateful for that and I am encouraged to strive harder to bring more to this vision that God gave me one year ago!

Tomorrow, August 25, 2015, I will celebrate one year since I created and launched!!!

To all of the Viewers & Followers that visited my blog site one time, sometimes or all the time, "high five" for just stopping by when you surf your internet during the day!  I know you don't have to stop and view my site but you do and for that, I am appreciative.

To my small but growing number of Subscribers that have jumped on board to support me, "it's so easy to love you" because I know that people don't have to be giving of their time and when you subscribed, that's what it took, your time.  For the ones that came on board, since day one and are still here, "it's so easy to love you."  Thanks for sticking around and please stay ;-)! 

For the newbies that just got on my train recently, "you count" and there are some of you that I don't know at all.  I only know your name.  Not knowing who you are, confirms who I am!!! You wanted to check out because something sparked your interest and that brings me joy.   I appreciate you. Stick with me and get to know me because I want to get to know you!

To my LoftTalk @ Contributing Writers, "you rock!"  This was an idea that became a reality for me!  10 amazing  and dynamic individuals shared a part of themselves with me and with you.  I am so thankful for all of you that took the time, when I asked and even when I didn't to be a part of a social circle on my blog site that allowed you to be open and free in your writing.  I received so many views and some comments from the posts I rolled out each month from each of you.  Although this campaign will end in December 2015, I have been inspired and encouraged to expand on LoftTalk.  My hopes are to make it more accessible for people to participate.  Sincerely, "thanks."

To all that shared Comments, "thank you!"  Sharing feedback is always a good sign that someone liked something they read or saw.  I'm thankful for the 20 comments shared on my site this first year.  I received each one and did  my best to comment back.  "My apologies" if I missed one or two but know that I appreciated your comment.  

My journey continues as I chase the crown for certification as a professional coach in 2016. Celebrating feels so good but knowing why I can, feels so much better! 
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Suite Retreat Makeover Of Your Master Bedroom!

Courtesy Photos:  HGTV
Need a quick change of scenery?  Maybe a quick makeover will make a difference.  Your bedroom should be your sweet retreat where you can get away to take some "time out" for you.  A place that you go to at the end of the day where you can chill out, relax and kick back with your awesome self, spouse or significant other!  Well, I've got some cheap, easy and quick suite retreat makeover ideas that may help with refreshing that bedroom scenery, just a little bit! 
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1.  PAINT- It's cheap and it's doable!
Take a trip to your local paint store, pick up a paint wheel and start selecting come colors you want to refresh your bedroom walls with.  This wheel has every color you can think of and it's free of charge to borrow from the paint store.
2.  THEME- Change the scene with a new theme!
Give your suite a new look by painting one wall as the accent wall and the rest of the walls in the same color.  This is too simple to do and again it's a cheap DIY.  This will change the entire theme and aura of your room.  Try it ;-)! Want a suggestion? wall can be painted a nice chocolate brown and the other walls can be painted in a bright white!  Now that's!!!
3.  BEDDING & ACCESSORIES - Beautify & Accessorize!
Bargain shop for bedding items (sheets/comforter/bedspread, coverlet), new lamps, pillows, picture frames, artwork and other items you can find, to bring out the colors in your room.  If your master bathroom is off to the left or right side of your bedroom, hook that up too with some complimenting colors.  Accessories are big with me because they make any room pop.  Don't play it safe either!  Throw in an odd color or too that will lift the other colors up.
WINDOW TREATMENTS - Let the sun shine in!
This time of the year, as we approach the fall season, choosing blinds as your window treatments is smart.  As the summer fades away, the sun will not be out as often, so having some blinds up to the window is a perfect opportunity to steal some sun on the days that you can.  Mini blinds are reasonable, as I mentioned many times in the past and they will not break your bank!  The look is clean and simple.  If you want to add some color, purchase a nice curtain rod and some grommet curtains (IKEA has great choices, reasonably priced).  You only need one panel for each side as a decorative look.  Slide one panel to each side and you have created a nice window treatment, that cost you very little!