Friday, August 7, 2015

4 Fresh & New Summertime Ideas: A Break From The Norm!


Well, summer is winding down and pretty soon we will be ushering in the fall season.  The summer months always go by, so quickly.  Well, I'm not letting any grass grow under my feet and I'm sharing 4 Fresh and New Summertime Ideas that are a break from your normal routine!  Some of these ideas are ones that I have actually tried and others that I will be doing before the month of August is!!!  Grab your man or your girl, round up the kids and have some fun in the sun!
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At the very top of my list is an idea that I will be trying out very soon.  The next time you want to have some fun on the weekend and you plan to take a road trip to another town, trying renting a Jeep for the day!  It can make a big difference on your road trip.  Every now and then, my hubby and I travel to shopping outlets that are roughly an hour away from our home and I was thinking that the next time we do that, we should rent a Jeep, take the top and sides off and head down the road!  It's an adventure and it won't break your pockets.  The kids will love it too ;-)!  "Oh yea", if you are old school like me, you want to be sure you crank up the music with some "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Will Smith!

How many times do we sit around the house wishing we had something to do?  "Stop" do have something to do!  Just look around you.  You don't have to always catch a plane or a train to take tours or view exciting sights.  Many times, right where you live at, offers that.  We sometimes forget that because we look at that town as where we live, there is not much more that it has to offer.  Not true!  Plan the day, grab a bite to eat and tour your town!  I bet you will be surprised to see and learn about so many more new things you didn't know existed. Don't forget to wear your FITBIT so you can count those calories, while your!

Don't have a beach house?  No worries!  You can turn your own house into a "beach house" for the weekend!  I know how to do this because we have created this idea at our own home and it's AWESOME!  You can convert your deck or your patio into an oasis in about 2 hours and enjoy the rest of the weekend on the beach, at your house!!  Here's what you need below.  Set everything up, add some food to the grill and you are ready to go! 
Bug Light (great at night!)
Patio Umbrellas (great during the day!)
Patio Tables
Patio Chairs
A Sprinkler (to cool your body walking/running back and forth!)
Baby Pool (fill with cold water to cool your feet) 
Citronella Candles
A Cooler (fill it up with water!)
Grill - Steaks, Husk Corn on Cob, Jumbo Shrimp, Drinks 
Music (Jazz or Old School works well!)

This is a good one!  I have not done this yet but I will for sure, before the summer is over!  Make sure you set the scene for this event. Decorate the room like a "casual" supper club night out, on the town.  Make sure you rent some mics and some mic stands for the event also.  Pick up a karaoke machine too.  It's going to be a fun time!  Throw some jazz on the jukebox and get ready for a night of fun that can range from hilarious to serious!  Invite friends over and on the invite, make sure you tell them to come casually dressed!  Let them know that an "Open Mic" will be on site ;-), so come out, expecting to have a lot of fun!  Tell them that their will be prizes given out for participation!  This is an opportunity to showcase the best talents that your friends have to share.  Some of your friends may be funny and really know how to tell good jokes.  Another friend may be a great storyteller because they love to read.  Another may share words of wisdom that inspire others.  It doesn't matter because "we" are all gifted in one way or another and we all should have something to share and give back in the way of ourselves.  So, open mic night is the perfect time to do it.  Of course, make sure you have some great appetizers for this event because it could be a long night!