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7 Ways To Stay Accountable To Your Vision: Checking In With Your Vision Board!

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So, I created a vision board back in April of this year and I happen to be thinking about some of the pictures and quotes that I had put on my vision board.  My thought was whether I had started setting goals for any of those things I envisioned!  So, I took a look at it today and realized that I have started to put some of these goals in place but I still have to keep working at it.

Staying accountable for something or to someone, is sometimes hard to do.  What gets in our way?  Well, a lot of things!  Most of the time, that's the reason why we start out with a plan to do something but somewhere, somehow, along the way, we get sidetracked and we never get done!  How can you stay accountable to "you", particularly to the vision you see and have set for yourself?  There are a few ways I try to stay "in check" with goals and plans I set for myself.  It's not easy but I do find creating a vision board or two, really helps me with staying focused and committed.  You can create several vision boards that speak to different visions, that you have set for yourself. That's absolutely ok.  

If you have a vision board that you created and you are truly following through with getting some or all of those goals completed, then that is wonderful!  If you started working some of the goals but not everything, that's cool too!  However, if you have never started anything you envisioned on that board or if your vision board is tucked away collecting dust, then you should think about creating a new one.  Starting over is a good thing, just "start somewhere."
If you want ideas or directions on how to make a vision board, see my "Vision Board" page.  It really explains vision boards well. Once you have your board done, start working on your goals immediately, but don't check-in with your board for about 4-6 months.  That gives you plenty of time to accomplish some of the ideas, you have set out to do.  Once you check-in, then you have met the first commitment on my list!  Congratulations!  Now check out my 7 ways on how you can stay accountable to your vision...

1.  Check-In with your Vision Board(s) within 4-6 months, after you have created it.

2.  Begin a Vision Board Journal for "Short Term Goals."  What does short term mean for you?  One year, two years, three to five years?  It's up to you.  You should try to keep it realistic.  I like a 3-year plan to accomplish my short term goals.  That just works for me. You choose what works for you. 

3.  Next , categorize your vision board goals.  You may want to allow at least 4 to 6 pages for each category since you can continue to add to each page as you grow your vision board or create new ones.  At the top of the first page, for each category, title it with one of the titles below:
-Started (you are on your way!)
-Never Started (you need to get going!)
-Working On It (you are in the "meantime" & almost done!)
-Completed (High Five, you are done..."Next!")
-Celebrate (Every "win" deserves a "prize!" Celebrate you!)

4.  Now, get comfortable and look at each, picture, label, quote, name, letter, number, cut-out, etc. and categorize it in your journal, under the appropriate title!  Once you have categorized all of your ideas that you envisioned for yourself a few months ago, analyze where you are with your commitment to your vision board, in the present moment.  How does this look to you?  How does it make you feel?   Be honest with yourself.  This is you and your vision, no one else.

5.  Understandably, some of your ideas on your vision board may not be doable right away or possibly not at all, right now. What can you begin to do to work toward making these ideas a reality?  For me, I began another journal and listed all of my ideas that were more than 3 years out.  Remember, short term for me is 3 years, so anything after that is long term.  Maybe a "Long Term Goals "journal can work for you.  Major goals may take time to get accomplished and that's ok.  Now if things change and you are able to make them happen sooner, then fine, you can shift them from long to short term.  Too easy!

6.  After analyzing "yourself and your vision", decide where you need to "begin or begin again", to get to the finish line...that is..."Celebrate!" That's the ultimate goal and at the end of the day, it's really all about you, your vision and making yourself accountable to "you."

7.  Peel away at each one of your ideas & goals (Vision Board), make yourself accountable (Short Term or Long Term) and begin working toward your victory (Celebrate)!
Start Now...;-)!!
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