Monday, August 24, 2015

Start Somewhere: Celebrating One Year All Because I Started Somewhere!

OMG...can I be real with you?  Life has been crazy, hectic, flying by, all of that and a bag of chips!  I have been so insanely busy this summer with fitting in vacation time with my hubby, spending time with my family, attending coach training, volunteering my time, recovering from a sinus bug that has tried to get the best of me and just everyday life situations.  Have you been there? Are you there right now...LOL!  It's been nonstop and like a fast moving train.

You could imagine that moving at a fast pace such as this, something on your radar would surely fall off, right? I'm juggling with a numerous amount of things right now and they are all good!  I don't want to give up any of them because ultimately they all play an important role in my life. Well, even with my "crazy" going on, is my "baby" and although "life" has been nonstop for me lately and my choices have prevented me from blogging like I'm use to, "you", my viewers, faithful followers and subscribers are still hanging in there with me!  It was so nice to hear just yesterday, someone that is a subscriber and supporter of say: "I miss your blogs, can you start blogging more often again?"  I was floored and so appreciative of that comment.

Just last week, one of the contributing writers that supports my site asked, "What can I contribute next month?"  I really do appreciate the support.  Yes, it is not often that I hear these comments but the rewarding part for me is that I am hearing them!  This means someone is interested in what I do.  I am grateful for that and I am encouraged to strive harder to bring more to this vision that God gave me one year ago!

Tomorrow, August 25, 2015, I will celebrate one year since I created and launched!!!

To all of the Viewers & Followers that visited my blog site one time, sometimes or all the time, "high five" for just stopping by when you surf your internet during the day!  I know you don't have to stop and view my site but you do and for that, I am appreciative.

To my small but growing number of Subscribers that have jumped on board to support me, "it's so easy to love you" because I know that people don't have to be giving of their time and when you subscribed, that's what it took, your time.  For the ones that came on board, since day one and are still here, "it's so easy to love you."  Thanks for sticking around and please stay ;-)! 

For the newbies that just got on my train recently, "you count" and there are some of you that I don't know at all.  I only know your name.  Not knowing who you are, confirms who I am!!! You wanted to check out because something sparked your interest and that brings me joy.   I appreciate you. Stick with me and get to know me because I want to get to know you!

To my LoftTalk @ Contributing Writers, "you rock!"  This was an idea that became a reality for me!  10 amazing  and dynamic individuals shared a part of themselves with me and with you.  I am so thankful for all of you that took the time, when I asked and even when I didn't to be a part of a social circle on my blog site that allowed you to be open and free in your writing.  I received so many views and some comments from the posts I rolled out each month from each of you.  Although this campaign will end in December 2015, I have been inspired and encouraged to expand on LoftTalk.  My hopes are to make it more accessible for people to participate.  Sincerely, "thanks."

To all that shared Comments, "thank you!"  Sharing feedback is always a good sign that someone liked something they read or saw.  I'm thankful for the 20 comments shared on my site this first year.  I received each one and did  my best to comment back.  "My apologies" if I missed one or two but know that I appreciated your comment.  

My journey continues as I chase the crown for certification as a professional coach in 2016. Celebrating feels so good but knowing why I can, feels so much better! 
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