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Back To School Shout-Out From An Expert Literature Teacher: LoftTalk @ Contributor {MARIA - July 2015}

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Happy Wednesday!
Well, I promised you another LoftTalk contributor story from an expert in the profession we know as Education.  This contributor shares her passion for a profession she says, compares to no other.  I can't say enough about the value our world has experienced from having teachers such as Ms. Maria. Her story was enjoyable to read and I personally "thank you" Ms. Maria for taking the time to share with our viewers.  Thank you also for wishing all of our students and teachers out there in the social circle, a happy and heartfelt expression for going back to school this year!  
"Thank You Teachers"  for all you do, everyday, to make our world a little "smarter"!  Enjoy and be inspired by this wonderful contribution! 

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Education Expert:  Literature Teacher
Ms. Maria A.
"Teaching is a profession.  It's instant gratification in knowing that I helped someone else become the very best they can be. You teach them with their best interest, in mind."
Where can I start?  How excellent it is to know that I spent many years in a profession, that I absolutely love!
I have been a teacher for a very long time and I can honestly say that teaching is truly a profession that gives you instant work satisfaction more than any other professional career.  

I often wondered, why I work so hard and make so little, sometimes (unfortunately, teachers just don't make an awful lot of money)!  Well, it's because it's more than being a professional or being an education expert.  It's personal and the more I learned about my profession, the more I understood why I chose to become the awesome teacher that I am...LOL!!

My craft became more specialized as I chose to teach literature on a larger scale than other subjects. 

I teach grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.  I love to teach literature and my motto is" Teaching literature is like dreaming with your eyes open!"  Sometimes, it can be very challenging to convince young minds that you can be excited, when reading and learning!  It's all begins with the commitment the teachers take upon themselves, to make instructing that particular subject, interesting, valuable and well received by their students. 

"Teaching is like sailing.  There is a starting point, a ship, a captain, and the crew.  The ship can sometimes encounter storms and calm waters, just as many students do. "
Once a teacher, always a teacher.  My expertise as an educator is still working for me, as I often assist adults with college classes they are taking to obtain their degree.  I am always there to lend any assistance I can, when others seek my help for tutoring in Literature or various subjects I have taught, during my tenureBeing a teacher is rewarding and not only a profession but an experience of a lifetime.  

Wishing all students and teachers, "smooth sailing", for the start of a brand new school year!