Monday, August 24, 2015

Suite Retreat Makeover Of Your Master Bedroom!

Courtesy Photos:  HGTV
Need a quick change of scenery?  Maybe a quick makeover will make a difference.  Your bedroom should be your sweet retreat where you can get away to take some "time out" for you.  A place that you go to at the end of the day where you can chill out, relax and kick back with your awesome self, spouse or significant other!  Well, I've got some cheap, easy and quick suite retreat makeover ideas that may help with refreshing that bedroom scenery, just a little bit! 
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1.  PAINT- It's cheap and it's doable!
Take a trip to your local paint store, pick up a paint wheel and start selecting come colors you want to refresh your bedroom walls with.  This wheel has every color you can think of and it's free of charge to borrow from the paint store.
2.  THEME- Change the scene with a new theme!
Give your suite a new look by painting one wall as the accent wall and the rest of the walls in the same color.  This is too simple to do and again it's a cheap DIY.  This will change the entire theme and aura of your room.  Try it ;-)! Want a suggestion? wall can be painted a nice chocolate brown and the other walls can be painted in a bright white!  Now that's!!!
3.  BEDDING & ACCESSORIES - Beautify & Accessorize!
Bargain shop for bedding items (sheets/comforter/bedspread, coverlet), new lamps, pillows, picture frames, artwork and other items you can find, to bring out the colors in your room.  If your master bathroom is off to the left or right side of your bedroom, hook that up too with some complimenting colors.  Accessories are big with me because they make any room pop.  Don't play it safe either!  Throw in an odd color or too that will lift the other colors up.
WINDOW TREATMENTS - Let the sun shine in!
This time of the year, as we approach the fall season, choosing blinds as your window treatments is smart.  As the summer fades away, the sun will not be out as often, so having some blinds up to the window is a perfect opportunity to steal some sun on the days that you can.  Mini blinds are reasonable, as I mentioned many times in the past and they will not break your bank!  The look is clean and simple.  If you want to add some color, purchase a nice curtain rod and some grommet curtains (IKEA has great choices, reasonably priced).  You only need one panel for each side as a decorative look.  Slide one panel to each side and you have created a nice window treatment, that cost you very little!