Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cleaning Hardwood Floors & Furniture: Introducing You To Regency Gold!

Hey There...shhhhh (I've got a secret)!

Guess what?  Yes, I've got a secret but today I'm telling it to you...LOL!!!   :-)

You are going to love this cleaning product that I'm introducing today!  It's called Regency Gold and it is absolutely awesome on wooden floors and wooden furniture.  I use it on our hardwood floors always and once I discovered it, I have never used anything else.  Again, kudos to hsn.com for having some of the best cleaning products in the world!  I have written several posts, sharing how much I love the cleaning products I get from hsn.com   I may have told you about Regency Gold last year but I've written over 200 posts since then, so if I shared about it last year, oh well, I'm sharing it again, this year too ;-)!! 

Well, this is another HSN best in my opinion and a product that I hope you will try.  HSN still has it for sale because I checked today, to be sure, just for you.....LOL!!

You can get a 2-pack  of Regency Gold for $29.99 plus tax.  Seem expensive?  Not!  It's worth it!  It makes your floors look like "new money" and you only need to use a little bit, mixed with water because its concentrated and a little oily.  Follow the directions for best results. It's one of those things where, "a little goes a long way."  

It's like milk to your mouth and it looks like milk too...LOL!!  Also, nourishing like milk and will keep your wood items and floors, very healthy!  Let me know what you think about it because I am confident you will want to try this product out!!
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Enjoy and so glad I shared my secret with you..now you can pass it along :-)...It's Good Stuff!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Destiny: Dreams Never End If You Start Dreaming Realistically!

Anyone ever tell you that they "wish" they could do something or "wish" they had something?   By nature, we are conditioned to say things like that naturally without really tying in another thought to go with it.  Believing and dreaming is wonderful to do but in order to make those dreams you believe in come true, you have to be honest with yourself as to whether you really want that dream to someday become a reality!

How many times have we thought or said to ourselves "I wish I could..." or "I hope someday that I could....?" That's dreaming. Did you know that? Dreams are powerful thoughts but dreams are purposeful thoughts when the intention to make them happen, is realistic.  You can make your dreams come true if you devise a plan.  Keep your attention on your intentions and start somewhere.

Dreams never end when you dream realistically.  Eventually your dreams will become realities and you will be transformed, trusting and sustaining what was once a wish into what is now actual and real!  You are no longer dreaming or "wishing that you could" or "wishing that you had", instead you are now living your realities!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

DIY No-Sew Window Awning {Debs Simplicity}

Hello There ;-)!!

Well, I'm at it again with another easy to do idea that you will absolutely love!  I showed this shower curtain print to you on a prior post and I can't wait to show you how I transformed this $12.00 buy into a decorative and crafty window awning for my LOFT101.net office! 

The bold print of this shower curtain is a favorite of mine and I actually have a lamp in my office in the same design.  However, because I am who I am...lol and the fact that I just love being creative and thinking-out-the-box, I simply had to re-create the purpose of this shower curtain into something else that could work in my "office" rather than my "office bathroom." 
I love the end results of this simple DIY project and I share step by step how you can also create this original idea from LOFT101.net!  Have fun and its very easy to do.  This is the second "Debs Simplicity" DIY idea I'm sharing with you and so glad you stopped by to check it out...   Hope you like it and if you have any questions at all, send me a comment and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can with an answer!
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Let's get started....
Here are the tools you need:

Here's what to do:

Fold shower curtain in half but make sure the holes for the shower rings are in the front.  Now using your push pins, hang the folded curtain over the top of your window.

Now cut your ribbon pieces in 12 inches each.  Use your ruler to measure.  Lift the bottom half of your shower curtain and align it to the top of your curtain, holding it in place to make sure it looks even across. 

Beginning on either corner, make a small slit in the front piece of your curtain using the shower ring hole that is now in the back of the material, as your guide.  The idea is that you want to have an aligned hole that goes from the front to the back, for each of the 12 shower ring holes.  You will need to make the slits a little wider to ensure the ribbon can fit through all the way.  Don't make it too big but just a little bigger :-)!

Now fold your ribbon in half and insert it in the holes from back to front as pictured.

Now with the front of the bow inserted, tie knot in the back to secure the ribbon in place.  Let the remaining ends of the ribbon dangle. Continue in the same manner across until all twelve holes have ribbons.

Now scrunch up some tissue paper and stuff it into the bottom of your curtain to give it a finished, "awning look!"  Not too much tissue paper because you don't want it to look puffy, just finished...lol!

Congratulations!  Look at the awesome job you did! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Trivia Fun: Do You Know What This Is? Time for the Answer!

Yesterday I tweeted this:
"Do you know what this is? Look closely."
I said I would share the answer with you today and here it is......

This is a crocheted apron!!!!!! Isn't is chic &  trendy? It's a one of a kind product for now because its handmade and crocheted especially for the recipient.  This product will be featured on LOFT101.net in November in a variety of colors, only if we get some "likes".  Do you like it?  Do you want to learn more about it?  Who is the creator and how they came up with this idea?  Well, if you like, let us know :-) and depending on the positive responses, determines if we will share more about the product!
 If you do not like it, please be kind and be nice but share with us what could make this product better.  Remember, be gentle when you share your comments at the end of this post. 
"Friendly feedback" is welcomed!
Thanks for playing Trivia Fun @Loft101.net and be on the lookout for the next product that we will be featuring for your trivia fun!
Hope to hear from you and please subscribe for FREE @loft101.net to stay in touch with all of the posts we share!
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

DIY Tri-Fold Frame Makeover {Debs Simplicity}


I'm excited to start this new venture at Loft101.net as it is the beginning of me branding myself for future additions to my blog site that you will see coming your way very soon and eventually I'm hoping you will see them in your local bookstore or craft shop :-)...seeing myself in the future...lol!! 
This is a Loft101.net  original idea {DIY Tri-Fold Floor Frame} and was so much fun to do.  It actually took me 1 full day to complete this with drying times in between.  Its simple to do and you can use any old picture frame you have sitting around in your garage, basement or anywhere else in your house.  Be creative and don't be afraid to use colors.  Remember this was an item that you were not using anyway, so have fun because you have nothing to lose!! 
"My project makeover is no longer a picture frame but I've renamed it Vision Floor Frame."
Here's why: 
I'm always thinking about my future and envisioning my dreams that I want to come true.  So, I didn't use photos and instead I used gallery prints that express positive messages that I can always view and reflect on.  This new makeover will fit perfectly, anywhere in our home!
Let's get started....
Here's what you need:
1.  Old picture frame of any kind & clean well (I used
     an old floor frame that was in our garage)
2.  Prints with your favorite sayings, cutouts from magazines,
     family photos or photos of your favorite things. 
     You can also create a vintage look with black and white
     photos only.  How about using maps or postcards for all of
     the lovely places you want to visit!  Personalize this  
     because you want to enjoy looking at your project for years
     to come.  Make it personal and let it speak volumes about
     you, your family and your home.
3.  Ribbons, bows, tape (for added creativity)
4.  Paints (I used three colors for my frame to make it more

Here's what to do:

1.  Remove glass and backing from your frame.  Paint frame with your favorite color.  Let dry and repeat until the new color entirely covers the old color.  Dry completely.

2.  Now clean your glass, insert.  Next measure the picture you want to insert and cut to size to fit.  Insert your picture and replace backing to the frame.

3.  Add embellishments that you like such as ribbon, washi tape, bows, gems, etc.

4. Stand back and admire your work!!!  Easy DIY project and the makeover results will be awesome...Good job!
Stay tuned for the next "Debs Simplicity" DIY  Project coming your way very soon....
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Introducing Debs Simplicity & LoftTalk September 2015 Is Now Open for 1 Week!

Introducing"Debs Simplicity"...easy to do and easy to understand!"  
As the year is winding down, so are we...lol!  It's been a busy year but I hope a fun summer for all of us!   Now that fall is just around the bend, we will begin to get even busier.  Time to replace your summer home accessories with the autumn decor.  Perhaps you are even thinking about replacing the geraniums and begonias now with the beautiful autumn mums!  I like to get a head start on things myself, so from Sept-Dec, the LoftTalk Campaign will open for one week only for contributors that are wanting to share something.  
With everyone becoming busier, I understand that indulging in some of the things we enjoy doing many times, takes a backseat over the things that we need to get done.  LoftTalk is fun to participate in but it is not something that I expect others to put on the top of their list...;-)!   I just love whenever and whomever wants to contribute...no pressure, ever!

The next few months, I will be contributing some special holiday ideas, DIY projects, tips on entertaining for small parties and so much more! The subject line to look for when I post ideas like these is: "Debs Simplicity" .  I'll be starting this weekend, so look for the first post from me within the next few days with this subject line for the very first simplicity idea I'll be sharing!

***Remember, LoftTalk for September will be open starting today, September 18th until September 25th.  Hope you will contribute!  
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Thought For Today: Is Your Pitcher Half Full or Half Empty?

Happy Thursday!

Well, its been a while since I've shared a "thought for today" and for some reason I had some things on my mind today that I wanted to post about.  I've actually been feeling quite overwhelmed the past few months but for good reason.  No different than anyone else, I'm sure!  I have certain responsibilities that are simply standard and then there are the other things that I have made myself responsible for...lol!  My responsibilities as a daughter have become more complicated as my Mom celebrates her golden years and I grow closer with my siblings to keep Mom going! 

I am a wife and a mother, so the extras that come with being a good wife and a great Mom, sometimes requires more than I realize.  Then there's my spiritual commitment that I have as a Christian.  I take that responsibility very seriously.  I know that God is the reason for why I am who I am.  He is first in my life and all that I have, own, am and will ever be, is because of Him!
Lastly, I work daily on a "real job" for "real money" that pays for the dreams I want to make realities! I'm a blogger, craft enthusiast, volunteer writer, training to become certified as a personal enrichment/lifestyle coach and just recently, given the opportunity to instruct a course, that I created. I've already retired once in my life and I'm working on my second career that I never saw coming!!   WHEW!!!!!  That's a mouthful.....lol!

Sometimes, we can get so overloaded with situations, circumstances, responsibilities, things beyond our control, family, fun, and everything else that comes our way, we can't see, much less imagine, how we could possibly take on anything else!!  

Well, as I began to think and look back over my life, I realized just how full it is!!!  I have every nook and cranny filled.  Every side, middle, front and back of the corners of my life, are filled up with things and people!  Up and down and all around is taken up by something in my life.  There is nothing half full or half empty and at the end of the day, in a sick kind of way, I don't think I would have the wonderful life that I do, if I didn't have people that I love or things that I like, to fill it up ;-)!

My thought for today is this.........

"I learned the real importance of living when I looked back and asked myself "is my pitcher half full or half empty?"

One day I was listening to a guest that was on Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday Show.   His name was Shawn Anchor, author of Before Happiness.  He shared with the audience some information that I found to be very interesting.  He said that when we think of a glass being half full or half empty,"our entire brain is focused on the glass, whether it's full or half empty."  He shared that instead of us focusing on the glass, imagine there is a pitcher of water sitting next to it.  "It's an entirely different way to look at things," Anchor shared.  His point is that he could care less about whether it's half full or half empty right now, if he could fill it up."  The bottom line is this:  just fill the pitcher up! Filling the pitcher up versus thinking about the glass being half full or half empty, is so much more beneficial and self gratifying, especially when you think about how short your life is.  Live your life to the fullest.  

"Don't fret over being overwhelmed...it's a good thing and the more you fill your pitcher up, the more you will appreciate and enjoy the fullness of your life."
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Easy DIY Projects & Mini Makeovers!

DIY Project #1  A floor standing tri-fold
                            picture frame
DIY Project #2  A single floor stand picture
DIY Project #3  A bargain shower curtain with
                            a luxury look
DIY Project #4  A metal magazine holder 
                            that will hold more than
I've got 4 DIY Projects that I will begin working on this fall season and it all begins this weekend in the LOFT!!  I hope you will join me as I share some tips and ideas on how to decorate on a budget and make something simple look absolutely spectacular! 

I am so excited to transform two old floor picture frames I found in my garage into new and improved pieces of furniture that I will be using in the loft of our home.  I'll also be introducing to you a great way to use gallery design artwork to change the look and idea of an old item that appears useless!  A little bit of paint and your imagination can go a long way..;-)
The other projects are also pretty nice that I plan on working with.  I found a beautiful white with navy blue design shower curtain for $12.00 in Marshalls and can't wait to show you how I plan to use that curtain!  Last but not least, I also found a metal wall mounting magazine rack in one of my favorite colors, turquoise!  It's perfect the way it is but I'm going to personalize it with my own special touch and hang it in my office bathroom. 
I'll be starting the first project on this Saturday morning and will work on one project at a time throughout this fall season until I complete each one.  I'll share my "how to" for each DIY as I complete the makeovers.  The season is changing and its always exciting to start a new project to welcome the newness!
Get your paint brushes out and get ready for some new DIY projects to usher in autumn!  Keep following...;-)!!!
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Welcome Fall, Football & My Favorite Guy Foods!

Courtesy Books: Authored & Written By Celebrity Chefs {Photograph & Resources Provided}

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With the fall season less than 2 weeks away and football season already started, our "guys" are gearing up and getting ready for some good food and good eating!  "Guy foods" are a must for football season and us gals can get in on the action too, by helping ourselves to a plate, especially since we are the ones that may be cooking up these delicious foods!  Check out my favorite "guy food" choices, from some of my favorite celebrity chefs cookbooks!  I've also provided the credit and resources for each of my choices.  Share a comment and let me know what recipes you tried out ..they are all my "favorites", for "my one and only guy".  Enjoy!!
 1.   Buffalo Chicken Dip {allrecipes. com}
 2.   Smoke Sausage Shrimp and Grits {Back Home With The
 3.   Roasted Szechuan Wings {The Great Wings Book}
 4.   Jamaican BBQ Wings {The Great Wings Book}
 5.   Hot Potato Chips With  Blue Cheese Sauce {Bobby Flay's Bar 
 6.   Spicy Orange-Glazed Ribs {The Great Ribs Book}
 7.   Barbecue Deviled Eggs {Down Home With The Neely's}
 8.   Too-Good-To-Be-Turkey Chili {LaBelle Cuisine-Recipes to
       Sing About} 
 9.   Bread Salad {Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cooking 2}
10.  Fried Apple Hand Pies {Back Home With The Neely's}

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Decorating Old School........Loving Lava Lamps!

Remember back in the day when lava lamps used to look like blobs of gel sitting in water?  The uglier they were, the cooler they looked!  I loved lava lamps back in the day and as I began to mature in age and in my decorating style, lava lamps were no longer one of my décor choices.  Well, that has changed!!
I was shopping in Target three days ago and saw this lava lamp just sitting there, right in my view ;-).  The gold glitter caught my eye and as you know from my prior posts, I love the color gold and anything that glitters (that's the crafter in me...lol).  I was saying to myself, "no way"...this has got to be something else.  I have to admit, it was the new and improved lava lamp, for sure!  I stopped in my tracks and picked up the box to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.  I imagined that Target must have stocked the shelves with these lava lamps because of the back-to-school ideas they were advertising for college and high school kids. 

I really started thinking about where I could put this lava lamp if I was to purchase it.  I couldn't believe I was actually trying to find somewhere for it to go, amongst my current home décor.  Well, I decided that I was definitely going to purchase it "just because" I wanted to....LOL!!  I'm old school and when that old school feeling came over me, the next thing I knew, I was walking to the cash register with this big box in my hand.  I felt like I was back in high school for minute, going home to my bedroom...LOL!  I loved that feeling because those were days that I cherish and have never forgotten.  "So, this is my lava lamp and it found itself a home, right on my desk, in my office!"
It's ok to keep some of those old memories alive.  It makes you feel good sometimes.  I'm loving my lava lamp and my lava lamp is glad to be back home...LOL!!!!!!
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