Sunday, September 20, 2015

DIY Tri-Fold Frame Makeover {Debs Simplicity}


I'm excited to start this new venture at as it is the beginning of me branding myself for future additions to my blog site that you will see coming your way very soon and eventually I'm hoping you will see them in your local bookstore or craft shop :-)...seeing myself in the!! 
This is a  original idea {DIY Tri-Fold Floor Frame} and was so much fun to do.  It actually took me 1 full day to complete this with drying times in between.  Its simple to do and you can use any old picture frame you have sitting around in your garage, basement or anywhere else in your house.  Be creative and don't be afraid to use colors.  Remember this was an item that you were not using anyway, so have fun because you have nothing to lose!! 
"My project makeover is no longer a picture frame but I've renamed it Vision Floor Frame."
Here's why: 
I'm always thinking about my future and envisioning my dreams that I want to come true.  So, I didn't use photos and instead I used gallery prints that express positive messages that I can always view and reflect on.  This new makeover will fit perfectly, anywhere in our home!
Let's get started....
Here's what you need:
1.  Old picture frame of any kind & clean well (I used
     an old floor frame that was in our garage)
2.  Prints with your favorite sayings, cutouts from magazines,
     family photos or photos of your favorite things. 
     You can also create a vintage look with black and white
     photos only.  How about using maps or postcards for all of
     the lovely places you want to visit!  Personalize this  
     because you want to enjoy looking at your project for years
     to come.  Make it personal and let it speak volumes about
     you, your family and your home.
3.  Ribbons, bows, tape (for added creativity)
4.  Paints (I used three colors for my frame to make it more

Here's what to do:

1.  Remove glass and backing from your frame.  Paint frame with your favorite color.  Let dry and repeat until the new color entirely covers the old color.  Dry completely.

2.  Now clean your glass, insert.  Next measure the picture you want to insert and cut to size to fit.  Insert your picture and replace backing to the frame.

3.  Add embellishments that you like such as ribbon, washi tape, bows, gems, etc.

4. Stand back and admire your work!!!  Easy DIY project and the makeover results will be awesome...Good job!
Stay tuned for the next "Debs Simplicity" DIY  Project coming your way very soon....
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