Sunday, September 27, 2015

Destiny: Dreams Never End If You Start Dreaming Realistically!

Anyone ever tell you that they "wish" they could do something or "wish" they had something?   By nature, we are conditioned to say things like that naturally without really tying in another thought to go with it.  Believing and dreaming is wonderful to do but in order to make those dreams you believe in come true, you have to be honest with yourself as to whether you really want that dream to someday become a reality!

How many times have we thought or said to ourselves "I wish I could..." or "I hope someday that I could....?" That's dreaming. Did you know that? Dreams are powerful thoughts but dreams are purposeful thoughts when the intention to make them happen, is realistic.  You can make your dreams come true if you devise a plan.  Keep your attention on your intentions and start somewhere.

Dreams never end when you dream realistically.  Eventually your dreams will become realities and you will be transformed, trusting and sustaining what was once a wish into what is now actual and real!  You are no longer dreaming or "wishing that you could" or "wishing that you had", instead you are now living your realities!