Friday, September 18, 2015

Introducing Debs Simplicity & LoftTalk September 2015 Is Now Open for 1 Week!

Introducing"Debs Simplicity"...easy to do and easy to understand!"  
As the year is winding down, so are!  It's been a busy year but I hope a fun summer for all of us!   Now that fall is just around the bend, we will begin to get even busier.  Time to replace your summer home accessories with the autumn decor.  Perhaps you are even thinking about replacing the geraniums and begonias now with the beautiful autumn mums!  I like to get a head start on things myself, so from Sept-Dec, the LoftTalk Campaign will open for one week only for contributors that are wanting to share something.  
With everyone becoming busier, I understand that indulging in some of the things we enjoy doing many times, takes a backseat over the things that we need to get done.  LoftTalk is fun to participate in but it is not something that I expect others to put on the top of their list...;-)!   I just love whenever and whomever wants to pressure, ever!

The next few months, I will be contributing some special holiday ideas, DIY projects, tips on entertaining for small parties and so much more! The subject line to look for when I post ideas like these is: "Debs Simplicity" .  I'll be starting this weekend, so look for the first post from me within the next few days with this subject line for the very first simplicity idea I'll be sharing!

***Remember, LoftTalk for September will be open starting today, September 18th until September 25th.  Hope you will contribute!  
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