Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Thought For Today: Is Your Pitcher Half Full or Half Empty?

Happy Thursday!

Well, its been a while since I've shared a "thought for today" and for some reason I had some things on my mind today that I wanted to post about.  I've actually been feeling quite overwhelmed the past few months but for good reason.  No different than anyone else, I'm sure!  I have certain responsibilities that are simply standard and then there are the other things that I have made myself responsible!  My responsibilities as a daughter have become more complicated as my Mom celebrates her golden years and I grow closer with my siblings to keep Mom going! 

I am a wife and a mother, so the extras that come with being a good wife and a great Mom, sometimes requires more than I realize.  Then there's my spiritual commitment that I have as a Christian.  I take that responsibility very seriously.  I know that God is the reason for why I am who I am.  He is first in my life and all that I have, own, am and will ever be, is because of Him!
Lastly, I work daily on a "real job" for "real money" that pays for the dreams I want to make realities! I'm a blogger, craft enthusiast, volunteer writer, training to become certified as a personal enrichment/lifestyle coach and just recently, given the opportunity to instruct a course, that I created. I've already retired once in my life and I'm working on my second career that I never saw coming!!   WHEW!!!!!  That's a!

Sometimes, we can get so overloaded with situations, circumstances, responsibilities, things beyond our control, family, fun, and everything else that comes our way, we can't see, much less imagine, how we could possibly take on anything else!!  

Well, as I began to think and look back over my life, I realized just how full it is!!!  I have every nook and cranny filled.  Every side, middle, front and back of the corners of my life, are filled up with things and people!  Up and down and all around is taken up by something in my life.  There is nothing half full or half empty and at the end of the day, in a sick kind of way, I don't think I would have the wonderful life that I do, if I didn't have people that I love or things that I like, to fill it up ;-)!

My thought for today is this.........

"I learned the real importance of living when I looked back and asked myself "is my pitcher half full or half empty?"

One day I was listening to a guest that was on Oprah Winfrey's Super Soul Sunday Show.   His name was Shawn Anchor, author of Before Happiness.  He shared with the audience some information that I found to be very interesting.  He said that when we think of a glass being half full or half empty,"our entire brain is focused on the glass, whether it's full or half empty."  He shared that instead of us focusing on the glass, imagine there is a pitcher of water sitting next to it.  "It's an entirely different way to look at things," Anchor shared.  His point is that he could care less about whether it's half full or half empty right now, if he could fill it up."  The bottom line is this:  just fill the pitcher up! Filling the pitcher up versus thinking about the glass being half full or half empty, is so much more beneficial and self gratifying, especially when you think about how short your life is.  Live your life to the fullest.  

"Don't fret over being's a good thing and the more you fill your pitcher up, the more you will appreciate and enjoy the fullness of your life."
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