Friday, September 25, 2015

Trivia Fun: Do You Know What This Is? Time for the Answer!

Yesterday I tweeted this:
"Do you know what this is? Look closely."
I said I would share the answer with you today and here it is......

This is a crocheted apron!!!!!! Isn't is chic &  trendy? It's a one of a kind product for now because its handmade and crocheted especially for the recipient.  This product will be featured on in November in a variety of colors, only if we get some "likes".  Do you like it?  Do you want to learn more about it?  Who is the creator and how they came up with this idea?  Well, if you like, let us know :-) and depending on the positive responses, determines if we will share more about the product!
 If you do not like it, please be kind and be nice but share with us what could make this product better.  Remember, be gentle when you share your comments at the end of this post. 
"Friendly feedback" is welcomed!
Thanks for playing Trivia Fun and be on the lookout for the next product that we will be featuring for your trivia fun!
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