Saturday, November 21, 2015

Family & Friends: 3 Ideas For Holiday Fun and Energy Games For Everyone!

Want to have some fun on Thanksgiving?  Well, after everyone settles down from dinner, try some of these fun ideas and watch your family's energy soar! 

1.  Karaoke...Pass the Mic - Everyone likes to sing, even if you've never heard them! Break out the karaoke machine and start the excitement!  Ask for a volunteer to start.  Now hand the microphone to them.  When they are done, they can pass the mic to whomever they want to sing next! 

2.  Taboo Game -  OMG, can I tell you how much fun this game is?  A lot!  It's just one of those games you have to buy and have on hand to get things going! You can purchase Taboo at Walmart or Target. The cost is approximately a little over $30.00 but the fun that it creates is worth so much more! 

3.  Trivia Take, Keep or Trade - I made this game up myself (its a idea and very similiar to the White Elephant).  Here's my spin on how I play this game.  You have to know your family and friends very well because you will create the trivia questions for this game based around how much you know about each other.  The Trivia questions are centered around people, places and things that you know everyone will be familiar with.  The Trade off for playing a game like this is that everyone receives a GIFT!! Everyone wins♡!

Here we go...
At the start of the game, the first person to answer a question correctly, will Take a gift from under the tree or wherever the gifts are.  The turn then passes to the next person.  If that person successfully answers the question, they also take a gift from under the tree but they can either keep it or Trade their gift with the person that went first!  This pattern continues until all the gifts have been given out.  You must answer at least one trivia question correctly in order to get in the game to play! Once a player has received a gift, at this point, they will only be allowed to Keep or trade their gift with anyone else who has a gift.  The game continues until all of the trivia questions have been asked and the keeping and trading continues.  The amount of gifts needed to play this game should equal the amount of people playing to ensure that at the end of the game, everyone gets a gift!! Hint:  The person asking the questions cannot play if they purchased the Also, to keep the game fun, try to ask questions on a subject that you think that the person will know because each time a question is answered correctly, someone gets the opportunity to choose a gift if they haven't already, keep the gift they have until someone takes/swaps it with them or if they decide, they cant trade their gift for someone elses!  The cool part is at the end of the game, everyone wins a gift!  No one loses♡!

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