Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MIY (Make It Yourself) Turkey Day.... Step By Step 101 To Taking the Pressure Out of Planning!

Our 2014 Thanksgiving Dinner
Our 2014 Contemporary Thanksgiving Table Setting
Well, it's 16 days before Turkey Day and I'm getting ready!  It's going to be a MIY (Make It Yourself) Thanksgiving for me, since I'm cooking!  In simple words that means "I'm making some things from scratch and some of them will be semi-scratch...LOL!!

I love to cook and bake from scratch when I have time but lately, my schedule is crazy busy and my hubby and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year...fun, fun fun!  I'm excited to be hosting Thanksgiving for a small part of my family and although I'm very busy, it's all good!  I'm a "logistician" by trade, remember?  So even for Thanksgiving Dinner, I need a plan in place if I want to pull this off successfully!!  So, I've created a step by step plan, to take the pressure off myself!   

Here it is and in the days to come, I'll show you how everything comes together for the perfect Turkey Day that my family is going to absolutely love and enjoy!!!

Step By Step........Taking The Pressure Out Of Planning

1.  Dress the table.  (2nd week of Nov) I like to start setting my table for Thanksgiving early.  Setting the table early, invites the spirit of Thanksgiving into our home weeks before Thanksgiving Day.  This year, I'll be setting my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving Day.  Usually as a tradition, I set my tree up the day after Thanksgiving (black Friday).  My Dad started this tradition in the family and since he has passed, I still get teary eyed as the holidays approach but I honor him in continuing this tradition that hopefully I can pass on to my grandbabies one day!  This year, I'm setting up my tree early because my family is coming to town and I want the spirit of my Dad with us, so the presence of my tree will make me feel close to him, although he is not with us in the natural.

Now, as far as the table decor, I'll be dressing my table this week and you are invited to "come on in" to see what I plan to do!  Above is my table setting from last yearThis year will be different and I'll be sharing some of the craft ideas I plan to use also! 

2.  Make Your Menu & Create Your Grocery List.  (2nd week of Nov)
The same week, after I finish dressing the table, I decide on my menu and create my grocery list.  After I've decided on what we are going to feast on, I begin another list to break down what is needed for each meal on the menu list.  Too easy.  101 simple!  Get it done..  The photo above is from my menu last year. This year will be different!  "Come on in...we will share pictures of our Thanksgiving meal again this year!

3Start Grocery Shopping Early & Shop Your List Completely. (3rd week of Nov)  Start and finish grocery shopping this week!  The following week will be Thanksgiving, so it's time to start and get done with running around in the stores!  The less running you have to do, the better.  I absolutely get annoyed if I have to stop in the middle of a recipe to go to the store.  Start early and get done, that's the key to enjoying your preparation and cooking experience!  Come on in"...I'll be sharing photos of my grocery shopping experience this year as I shop my list!

4.  Start Prepping To Prepare Your Menu. (Week of Thanksgiving)
"Come on into my kitchen", as I begin prepping to prepare!  I don't like to start preparing my meal too early for a number of reasons.  Now, I do like to start prepping early.  Early for me is 4 days before Turkey Day!  That's all I need. The groceries are out of the way, I know what I'm making (from scratch stuff) and I know what I'm not making (semi-scratch stuff)...LOL!  If you like to start preparing your menu earlier, that's up to you.  Of course, follow directions for thawing your turkey properly and in time enough to roast or fry!  We are frying our baby and it's going to be awesome!  If you have never fried a turkey before, you must try it one day because it truly is a totally different experience than your normal roasted turkey.  You can purchase indoor fryers that are very safe.  Just follow directions very carefully and keep away from children!

So "let's get started to get ready for Turkey Day" and I'll check in with you soon (in about 2 days) with my table decor setting and the Thanksgiving craft ideas I promised I would share!