Thursday, November 19, 2015

Decorating Tips & Ideas to Refresh For the Holidays : Colors Burgundy, Red, Brown & Teal {Use What You Have}

What a wonderful time of the year to mix and match colors that you never thought would go together!  I'm thinking how I want to "refresh" our home decor a little for the holidays but by spending "little time & less money"!  Well, I was successful in doing just that as I began to look around at things that I already had. 

I got fixed on all of the teal and blue decor that currently made our home look and feel coastal (I'm from the Jersey Shore and love water & the coastal look!) and immediately I knew that I could blend our coastal theme with other colors that would work and "perfectly pop" for this holiday season!  

Use what you have!  Look around and think about how you can enhance the colors/theme you already have in your home.  Don't be afraid to mix and match other colors or patterns that you would not normally take a second look!  Most times, those are your "pop" colors!  Dare to be can do it and if you need help..I'm always here to help.  Just send me your questions ;-)!
Burgundy, red, brown and teal are the primary colors I used to "refresh" the look of our home for the holidays.  See how you can do the same ;-)!
Happy Holidays!
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Burgundy mixed with shades of blue is "rich" and different! Try it out and see how nice it will look.  At my very best using burgundy, I married up this deep burgundy lampshade with my coastal blue lamp that I purchased from Pier 1 Imports some years ago.  I truly amazed myself when I paired these two together.  I absolutely love this look and had no idea how much I would love it!  Additionally, at the very bottom of this post, I'm using some burgundy tea light lanterns with holly holiday decor to also accessorize and "refresh" my wall ladder that holds all of my favorite cookbooks!

Adding red to teal also speaks volumes in "refreshing" for a a new look.  With the holiday season,  the color red is already present in many of the things you use for decorating so by adding a pop of "red" as an accessory will only allow that primary color to stand out more!

How primary is brown when it comes to decorating?  Very!  I love the color brown.  The color is a quality hue that enhances so many other colors.  I've blended brown with a tan, baby blue and brown area rug.  Baby blue and dark brown work so well together.  I swapped out a summer area rug that was teal and white.  Simply by introducing new colors from this one accessory (area rug), I changed the entire look of my dining area.  

Coastal blues (teal, aqua, nautica, torquoise) can blend with dark colors and really change everything! Even as the seasons change, I never stop using my coastal blues because I connect those colors with "home" (New Jersey)!  When the seasons change, I enhance my coastal blues with other colors to enhance the look!  Here, I've added one of my favorite pillows (striped) with my paisley print lounge chair!  I love this "refresh" because its daring!! Prints can work together if the hues can blend together.  That's the secret and that's the trick ;-)!