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Spotlight On Dr. Towanna Freeman, Certified Professional Coach & President of CoachDiversity, Washington, DC: LoftTalk @ Loft101.net Contributor One on One Exclusive Interview - November 2015

Sometimes in life we take chances on things that we hope will result in our favor.  Other times, we take a leap of faith, believing that no matter what happens, we know that if we don’t take the opportunity, we will never know how things could have turned out.  I did exactly what I just shared with you, I took a leap of faith and fortunately it worked out in my favor! 

This month, I had an opportunity to interview Dr. Towanna Freeman.  She is an award-winning author and management consultant based in Washington, DC.  She is the President of the CoachDiversity Institute and the creator of the Black Life Coaches Network.  She has been featured on AOL Black Voices, The Grio, AT&T’s “28 Days of Inspiration”, Essence.com and Jet Magazine.

Dr. Freeman is a professional coach, certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), an ICF-accredited coaching institute.  During our interview, Dr. Freeman shared candidly with me on areas of entrepreneurship, the pursuit of coaching and following your dreams. She also shared what she is most thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday.

This exclusive interview is enjoyable, informative and invaluable for anyone that is an idealistic and believes that dreams do still come true!

“Thank you” Dr. Freeman for sharing your insights with LOFT101.net.  You are an amazing person and one that exemplifies excellence!

Happy Thanksgiving & Blessings to all of my Loft101.net subscribers, contributors, followers and viewers during this Thanksgiving Holiday.  I wish you and yours the very best always :-)!
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LOFT101.net:   Good Morning Dr. Freeman. Welcome to LOFT101.net!  I am excited to have this opportunity to speak with you today and to have the pleasure of interviewing you.  Dr. Freeman is the President of CoachDiversity and an award-winning author and management consultant based in Washington, DC.  She is a professional coach certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, an ICF-accredited coaching institute.  So, Dr. Freeman, how are you today?
Dr. Freeman:  Good Morning Deborah!  Wonderful!  I’m doing well and thank you for inviting me today to speak to your viewers at LOFT101.net. I’m excited to be on this call with you!
LOFT101.net:  Yes, I am excited, as well! Congratulations on launching the CoachDiversity Institute!  Can you share with the LOFT101.net viewers more about CoachDiversity?
Dr.  Freeman:  Of course!  CoachDiversity is the only coach training program in the world whose mission is to empower diverse communities through coaching.  We believe in the transformative power of coaching not only for the individuals but for the entire communities and the world around us.  We have a vision for a world that no matter your race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, or religion, both you and your community can succeed in life.  We believe that coaching is the perfect mechanism to bring about this social change.
LOFT101.net:  Wow!  I absolutely love your blended approach to coaching.    Let me ask you this:  Many potential entrepreneurs are intimidated by the risks and fears of starting a new business.  What can you share or recommend that would help them overcome those challenges?
Dr. Freeman:  Starting your own business and/or becoming a creative in this world is something great.  It is not for the faint of heart.  It requires you to do more work.  It requires a lot more time and sacrifice.  I have to be very honest about that.  Some people feel that it’s easy to be an entrepreneur and/or own your own business.  It is twice the amount of work that you would have if you were to punch a clock as an employee.  You have to understand not to be intimidated by the work you put in but more so, look at the skills you currently possess.  What are you good at?  It’s not the product or service I’m speaking about, it’s about the natural talent you have to be a business owner.  Sometimes you can have a great idea but you may not be CEO minded, so you may not have those skills.  It would be a good idea to write down the skills you are good at and this way you will know what you don’t have to outsource for.  Once you know the things that you are good at, you will then be able to identify with the individuals you will need to outsource for, to help you with those other areas. This way, you will not have to go at it alone.
LOFT101.net:  That’s good to know.  Thank you for sharing in depth with us on that subject.  I use to be an entrepreneur myself and found that I stumbled many times because I didn’t have the experience in areas I needed to know about, in order to be successful.  Writing down your skills is an excellent start!  So, let’s talk a little bit more about CoachDiversity.  What is the primary principle that differentiates CoachDiversity from other coaching institutes?
Dr. Freeman:  Well, I can tell you outside of the diversity of the type of skill (skill diversity), we are the only training program in the world that is designed to empower diverse communities in coaching.  Because we are focused on people of color, ethnicity, gender, orientation and religious backgrounds, our policy for focusing on the issues and not being ashamed or afraid to address them, is important to us.
Loft101.net:  That’s a really worthy perspective.  It sounds as though CoachDiversity wants to help coaches deal with uncomfortable situations that they may encounter in their diverse community. What is the most critical talent you possess in your role as the President of CoachDiversity?
Dr. Freeman:  I have over 25 years of work experience.  I’ve worked for the Federal Government, as well as, Corporate America.  I’ve managed people.  My natural talent is to run the company and to use my coaching skills and everything else that comes with it to move the company forward as it continues to grow. 
LOFT101.net:  That’s great.  Having that vast amount of experience that you have should be helpful in moving CoachDiversity forward.  What skills or talents does a participant need to enroll in Coach Diversity?
Dr. Freeman:  None at all.  They just need to be open to the process.  We have what we call Weekend One and Weekend Two.  If you want to come in and check out coaching and get a taste of what coaching is about, we recommend you registering for the “Be the Change” Weekend One. It’s a live exchange that is powerful.  Coaching is not about giving advice and you will learn that at the “Be the Change” Weekend One.
LOFT101.net:  As you are sitting here with me today on this call, what do you think individuals need to consider most before pursuing a coaching career?
Dr. Freeman:  Well, I can tell you that with a career in coaching, the possibilities are endless.  There are so many people that have become successful in coaching, so it is a thriving career.  You can build your own coaching business or become an internal coach in an organization. So in developing relationships with people that are coaches is a great start with helping someone decide if a coaching career is for them.  Coaching is a skill and there are a variety of ways to leverage a coaching career. You want to make sure you understand that investing in yourself to become a coach is very practical, you get the great education, the training and the skills and then you are able to move around and offer your services to the world.  I would recommend that before you pursue a coaching career, do your due diligence and look around and know that it is a thriving industry!  Coaching is a skill.  It is not a profession or business.  You are your business. You have to sell your skill and apply it to whatever you choose to do with it.
LOFT101.net:  This is so valuable for me to be able to talk to you and interview on this coaching career question.  Sometimes your career finds you and my coaching career actually found me. So my pursuit was a little different.  How can someone find out more about CoachDiversity before considering enrollment?
Dr. Freeman:  Log onto CoachDiversity.com to find out more!  Click on certification and you can look and see the details that I may not have mentioned during this interview.  It will give you full details of the programs being offered.  Currently, we have special pricing for the Spring Session for the new promotion and it will save you money.  We also offer payment plans.
LOFT101.net:  Great!  I know people appreciate the flexibility and availability of a payment plan.  In closing, what can you share with the LOFT101.net viewers that have a desire to follow their dreams, goals and expectations but simply don’t know how to get started?
Dr. Freeman:  If you have some type of passion and you feel you have a purpose and you have yet to execute on that because you may not know how, I would definitely recommend that you connect yourself with people that have that experience to create an outline of the basic things you can do to get started.  A lot of times we have that fear and limiting belief that we can’t do something.  I would encourage you to surround yourself with not only positive people with positive energy but people that are knowledgeable, encouraging, equipped, supportive and very willing to hold you accountable, to take action.  A lot of times we don’t have an accountability partner.  This is the reason why people consider hiring professional coaches because they will be your accountability partner. 
LOFT101.net:  Well, thank you Dr. Freeman for this opportunity.  With the Thanksgiving holiday season right around the corner, I usually ask others to share with LOFT101.net, what they are most thankful for.  What are you most thankful for Dr. Freeman? 
Dr. Freeman:  I am so thankful for my children.  They are my book ends.  My oldest was born in a time of my life when I was still moving and creating a foundation.  She has been right here with me forever and the one motivator that I could always depend on.  Now, I am back in the saddle with my youngest and he is so very much a part of this new season of my life!  So I am so grateful and thankful to God for my children.