Friday, November 13, 2015

Traditional Elegance: Photo Tour and Tips of My 2015 Silver & Gold Thanksgiving Theme & Table Setting...."Come On In!"

We are 13 Days away from
Thanksgiving..."Come On In!"

Come on in and join me as I add the finishing touches to my Thanksgiving table!  Just as I promised a few days ago when we put our plan in place on the last post I shared, I've just about finished dressing my table for Turkey Day!  I've also created 3 crafty ideas that are DIY101 out of this world!  You can literally create all 3 of these ideas in 20 minutes!  You will love them, your guests will love the ideas and they really do add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving dining theme and table setting. 

I love my Thanksgiving dining theme this year and as I said, I decided to go with more of a traditional look rather than contemporary.  Well, its not totally traditional but it's about as traditional as I can get because I am truly a "contemporary girl!"  I hope you enjoy my photo tour and the three 101 quick and easy creative ideas I'll be sharing with you!  The best idea about all 3 of these ideas is that you don't need scissors, glue or tape....awesome right ;-)? it! 

Now, don't stay away too long because I want you to check back in with me the early part of next week because I'll be sharing my Turkey Day menu with you and then after I breakdown my menu to see what I need to make each of my recipe choices, I'll write up my grocery list and off to the store I go!  Will you come with me?"yes", I'll be sharing my grocery photos too!  This is going to be funny!!!
Enjoy the tour and send me some comments!  It's Thanksgiving time and we all have something to be thankful for.  Share what you are most thankful for by sending in a comment!  I'm thankful for "all of you" following!  Send me some comments....I would love to hear from you...
tty soon!
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This is my dining room table.  It seats 4 but if I add two chairs at each end, I can seat 6.  As you can see, I've added one chair to one end, for now.  Yes...we are having 5 guests over for Thanksgiving dinner!  More will arrive in the days after Thanksgiving but for now, we have enough room at our table to feast for!!
First, I begin dressing my table with my tablecloth.  I love white table linen and most of the time I will use a white tablecloth.  As you can see, I've adorned my china cabinet with a lovely foil wreath with leaves (purchased from A.C. Moore for $5.00- clearance!)
Next, I created 3 looks for my buffet table but of course I could only choose one!  Can you guess which one I chose?  Keep scrolling to see the winner!!

This was the winner!

Ok, BREAK...let me share the 1st Creative Idea:
I've share with you so many times how much I love mason jars and the many uses they have.  Well, here's another idea!  Purchase some botanical leaves from a craft store or Home Goods.  They cost about $5.00 a pack.  I'm using leaves because that's my theme for this Thanksgiving.  You'll learn more about my "leaves theme" as you continue with the photo tour.  Pull the leaves away from the branches and separate.  Now fill your mason jars with your leaves, all the way to the top.  Let them overflow onto your table and "brilliance"... you have created a table d├ęcor for anywhere you would like to use it.  I filled up 3 mason jars and I'm using them on my buffet table.  What a wonderful way to bring nature into your home!

Ok, here's the 2nd Creative Idea
This is too easy to do.  Visit Pier 1 Imports and purchase a string of LED lights for use with centerpieces.  They sell these lights around this time of the year.  They are LED and they come in a few different colors. I like clear.  I purchased these lights last year and the only thing I had to do was to add 3 new double AA batteries to the box that sits on the end of the string.  They will brighten up a dark space like "new money!"  I love these lights.  They may cost you about $20.00 to purchase but they are so worth it.  I strung them through this fall wreath I purchased at my local Rite Aid for $5.00 (use those Rite Aid reward points to save!!).  This is the end it!!!!  I'm also using this on my buffet table!

Now I'm ready to set my table!  First, I've added my gold charger plates, then my dinner plates, salad plates and bowls.  Stemware has also been added to the table settings.

Ok....Here's the 3rd Creative Idea!
Remember my "leaves", well, here they are again!  I purchased some cookie cutters in the shape of a leaf for .99 cents each and a pack of battery operated miniature wax-like candles.  Put both together and this is creativity at its best!!  It's not only a safe way to light up your table setting but it looks so good!!!  Guess what?  You now have a "favor" to give to your guest..."yes"... the cookie cutter is theirs to keep!  The light that illuminates from these battery operated candles is just soft enough for dinner lighting.  How easy is this to create?!!

Next, napkins and napkin holders are coordinated and silverware is placed at each setting.  As you can see, by adding my silver and gold napkin holder, I am able to use both colors that are my favorites....silver and gold!  I added my caramel tapered candles to my candle holders for the finishing touch and now I'm done!  Moving on to my MENU plans...:-)