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5 Simple Yoga Routines For Your Mind, Body & Soul { New Contributing Writer - Sarah Sandra}

With so much going on during the holidays, its often necessary to go unplugged once, twice or maybe three times in between all of your Christmas shopping!   I plan to incorporate "yoga" into my wellness routine next year and with that resolution in mind, I asked Sarah Sandra of to share an article on Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul. 
Her contribution is absolutely awesome on this subject and valuable information that I'm sure you will find helpful.

  Additionally, I personally welcome Sandra and as a contributing writer to, moving into the New Year 2016!  We look forward to the interesting posts she will be bringing our way right here at
"Welcome Sandra ;-)"
Join me on this New Years wellness resolution as we explore more about YOGA!!!  Hope you enjoy this wonderful post...

Happy Holidays!
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5 Simple Yoga Routines For Your Mind, Body & Soul
By:  Sarah Sandra
When we think about yoga, we initially think about learning yoga poses or physical postures that will help us in keeping our body fit. Yoga does not only offer the strength or the fitness of the body but many other benefits, if we are fully focused. If we properly practice yoga in our daily routine, it will make us mentally strong and allow us to experience emotional well-being as we connect ourselves, to our inner crucial self. It is not always necessary to take yoga classes. You can learn the essential poses of yoga either online or by purchasing videos. Many questions arise regarding how to lose belly fat.  Well, yoga can also help with losing that unwanted belly fat!
Yoga is not only a connection to the mind that helps with meditation, it is also the unification of your mind, body and soul. It is a unification of your spirit and ego. Yoga helps us to convert fear into love and separation into unity. If we properly introduce yoga into our lives, we will learn to appreciate and recognize the positive benefits that life has to offer us.
With time, yoga will become an important part of your life. It will become what you live and not what you practice. Yoga helps in allowing you to become more balanced, more pleasant and because of that, you are more likely to interact with people in a calmer and relaxing manner.
In this post, we are going to list some simple yoga routines which will help you in balancing your mind, body and soul.
1-Headstand Yoga Pose
The headstand yoga pose is referred to as the king of yoga poses because it increases your blood flow to the scalp. It also helps in converting your gray hair into its own natural color. It increases the digestive fire and increases the body heat!
How to do this yoga pose
-          You have to begin with being in the child’s pose position.
-          Relax in child’s pose, monitor your breathing and concentrate on silence for 30 seconds.
-          Lift your head while touching your elbows onto the ground in opposite direction of your knees.
-          Wrap your hand around each elbow without lifting them off the floor.
-          Do not change the distance between your elbows during the course of headstand.
-          Release the hold of elbows and reel your forearms forward so they are parallel to each other.
-          Bring your hands together and join the fingers.
-          Lift your hips up and lean forward so your head manors into the palm of your hands.
-          Plant the balls of your feet into the ground and push so that your knees extend up, away from the ground.
-          Slowly walk your feet towards your face.
-          Lift your feet into the air so that all of your weight gets shifted to your elbows.
-          Continue lifting up thighs until they are directly above your abdomen.
-          Keep knees bent initially.
-          Point your toes.
Stay in this position for no more than 3 minutes.

2- Fish Yoga Pose 
It is the back-bending yoga posture which opens up the chest, throat and abdomen. It is mostly used for shoulder-stand as it counteracts pressure on the neck and spine. There are many benefits of doing the fish yoga pose.  It stretches your body, specifically the chest and abdomen. It also supports the upper back muscles and back of the neck which improves the spinal flexibility and posture.
How to do this yoga pose
-          Start by lying on your back with the legs extended and arms resting together with your body, palms down.
-          Press your forearms and elbows into the floor and life chest in order to create an arch in your upper back.
-          Lift your shoulder blades and upper torso off the floor.
-          Continue pressing your hands and forearms.
-          Keep your thighs energized.
-          Press outwards through your heels.
-          Hold for 5 breaths.
Do not practice this pose if you are suffering from high or low blood pressure or migraine.

3- Legs Up The Wall Yoga Pose
It is a restoring yoga pose that helps in bringing relief to your body including the legs, feet and nervous system. It is a proper yoga pose to get the deep relaxation and renewal of the body. This yoga pose can be practiced on your own, you do not need professional guidance.
How to do this yoga pose
-          Begin this pose by sitting with your left side against the wall.
-          Gently turn your body on the left and bring your legs up onto the wall.
-          Lower your back on the floor and lie down.
-          Rest your shoulders and head on the floor.
-          Hold this for 5-10 minutes, close your eyes and breathe.
There are many benefits of this pose including relief from anxiety, insomnia, muscle fatigue, migraines, and urinary tract disorders.
4- Meditation Yoga 
Yoga Meditation blesses you with a peaceful day and it is easy to do if you are fully focused and concentrated on it. Meditation just includes sitting for some period of time at a peaceful place and listening to slow music or simply focusing on the beauty of nature.
How to do Meditation
-          First you need to find a peaceful place and preferably an open space.
-          Remove your shoes and keep your feet slightly apart.
-          Close your eyes.
-          Firmly press the palm of your right hand onto the soft spot on your head.
-          Bring back your hand on your lap.
-          Sit like this for at least 5-10 minutes.
-          Open eyes slowly at the end of meditation.
It provides your mind and soul as they connect together and give peace.

5- The Bow Yoga Pose
This yoga pose deeply opens up the chest and the front of the body. If you have problems with using the computer all day or soreness from cycling, then you absolutely want to try this pose to  stretch your arms and body.
How to do this yoga pose
-          Start by lying straight on your stomach and chin on the mat and hands resting at your sides.
-          Bend your knees, bring your heels as close as you can to your buttocks, keeping the knees hip-distance apart.
-          Reach back with both hands and hold onto your outer ankles.
-          Lift your heels up toward the ceiling on an inhalation.
-          Gaze forward and breathe softly.
-          Hold for 30 seconds.
The benefits of this pose allows the whole body to stretch and strengthens every muscle in the back which will improve your posture and spinal flexibility.