Friday, December 4, 2015

Save Money With This Holiday DIY Crafts 2015 Series {Day}: Christmas Ball Ornaments Tree...View My Table and Keep Following!

Well here it is!!  This is my craft table completed with everything I will use to create 4 original DIY 101 craft projects.  "Yes", the 4 projects I will share with you are 4 craft ideas that I dreamed up and plan to give away this year to family and friends as gifts.  I originally planned to create one project a week but with Christmas being exactly 3 weeks away, I wanted you to have time to make these gifts for your family and friends, if you choose to and I think you will!!

Nothing pleases me more than spending time in my Headquarters and brainstorming on the next big thing I want to post on my blog...LOL!!  Ok, that was over the top ;-), but seriously, I like to be unique and every time I've shared a craft idea on my blog, its been an original idea of mine for  I have an innate gift for that kind of thing and I am a creative artist by the way of that gift that has been given to me from God. I am thrilled about that!

I enjoy when I can explore my mind and see what new ideas I can come up with next.  I challenge myself all of the time to "think out-the-box" and I shared with you long ago, that "you" challenge me to be more innovative and that's the truth.

So, with that said, I have 4 NEW DIY101 Holiday Ideas for you this year and I am overjoyed to share them!

Watch closely and see how I use each item in the next 4 days.  Compare daily to see if you can keep up with each item, as it becomes part of a creative gift!

Especially for you, 
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Let's get started, it's Day 1..... be sure to come back tomorrow for the next craft project!

 Christmas Ball Ornaments Tree

Here's what you need:

Cardboard paper towel holder tube
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Ornaments (your choice of colors-small to large size)
Ornament ( for topper)
2 empty K-cups
Glass marbles
1 inch Ribbon & ribbon tape (for base of tree)
Wide Ribbon (for decorating your tree)

Step 1:
Insert a K-cup into one end of the tube.  It should fit snuggly into the end of the cardboard tube.

Step 2:
Fill the tube up from the other end with glass marbles and then insert the other K-cup into that end firmly.  Now you should be able to stand your tube up without it tipping over.

Step 3:
Heat up your glue gun and get ready to add your Christmas balls.  This is too easy!!  There is no right or wrong way to add your balls to the outer tube.  Just start and keep going until the entire tube is covered.  Keep in mind that you are creating a Christmas tree and you should apply the balls in a way that forms a Christmas tree. *Note - leave the bottom of the tube free (about 1 inch of free space is needed so you can do Step 4)


Keep adding your balls, one by one until the tube is covered.  As a topper, add a different ball or different ornament.  Glue the topper ornament directly on top of the K-cup.  Keep gluing...LOL!

Step 4: 
Now, at the very bottom of the tube where you left that 1 inch clearance, wrap a 1 inch wide piece of ribbon around that area and finish with decorative tape to secure.  This is the base of your tree.
Lastly, add your wide ribbon as shown in the photo and tie bows at the end of each ribbon.  You will need to stream 3 rows of ribbon from top to bottom.  Insert ribbon into the small cracks/openings between the bulbs.  Don't worry about making it look perfect, just let the ribbon flow as you stream it onto the tree.  You will make 3 bowties, one at the end of each ribbon.  That's did great!
come back tomorrow for the next project!