Sunday, December 6, 2015

Save Money with This Holiday DIY Crafts 2015 Series {Day}: Creating A Christmastime Keepsake Capsule!

Ever wanted to capture a moment in time or collect a selection of your favorite things?  Well, this craft project is an idea that can! Christmastime Capsules are containers that you can see through while providing a view that is created especially by youThey are built on memories, love and creativity that can only come from the individual that creates the capsule.  You can fill your capsule with all of the things that make up memories you want as a keepsake or you can create a capsule full of things for gift giving!

Above, you can see everything that I used to create my capsules.  I've created two Christmastime Capsules  for you and there are no "how to" steps needed for this project!  Its an opportunity for you to be expressive, unique and creative.  Go for it and do your thing...:-)!!! 
Be sure to come back tomorrow for the last craft project!
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Let's get started.. it's Day 3!

#1 - For This Christmastime Capsule:
I've included some twinkling pink lights to set the effect of the holiday and because I know how much the recipient of this gift loves pink, I had to include these lights!  I chose a small pearl frame and in keeping with the theme, I've added some Godiva mini pearl candies too.  To show love for this season of giving, I've also placed a shimmering gold heart made of glass and a few fun items like Christmas trivia and paper snowmen on skates!  Additionally, two small gift bags have been added to encourage the recipient to "pay it forward" by continuing the gift giving.  Lastly, the small box that says "just for you" is a gift card box that contains a gift card and the gold tassels on the outside, complete the gift as its ready to go under the tree!

#2 -  For This Christmastime Capsule:
I've added some fun items in here such as a mini Christmas tree with tiny glass bulbs and tiny gold clothespins. I've also added some clear twinkling lights to this tree for a finishing touch!  A stuffed penguin and a pair of Christmas socks are nestled at the bottom of the tree while a striped gift bag has been included as part of the background to encourage "pay it forward" by continuing the gift giving!
Lastly, I've added a paper snowman and some festive tassels on the outside of the container as part of the gift wrap.
Be sure to come back tomorrow for the last craft project!