Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Thought For Today: The Little Things That Are My Favorite Things!

10 days in and the rush kicks up even more as we sprint home to Christmas Day! I'm taking a moment to just think about so many things that I have done and still want to do.
As I began to think about these things, I started to really think even more deeply, concentrating very hard on some of the "favorite things" that really make me happy and fulfilled.  I mean, it's without question that my husband, child, mom and family make me happy, good health, having an awesome church family, having a roof over my head and a life filled with many blessings, is at the top of my list of favorites.  But what I'm truly talking about are the little things that are "favorite things" in my life.

Many times, my husband and I will call each other up and ask, "what do you feel like eating tonight?"  We both always say "something good!"  It's funny because I know he will also admit that, we love to eat good and enjoy cookingWe are always looking for new recipes to try out and the excitement that comes over us when we surprise ourselves with a recipe that was suppose to be a basic dish ends up looking and tasting like "5 star gourmet!"  That absolutely blows us away ;-

Sometimes its the little things that become our favorites and sometimes that's all we need, to make our day!! I love when I browse through a craft store and find things that I can use to create a new idea or when my husband surprises me with some steamed shrimp, ready to eat! 

Seeing someone smile when I get to show them something new or visiting the pet shop to play with the little poochies since "my poochie" 
is no longer here with me, makes me happy.  Having a conversation with someone that has a zillion and one more problems than I do and hearing how they are still filled with so much joy and happiness, is a little thing that plays big a part in my life!  Yea, those are some of the little things that are my favorites!

Talking with my Mom, who is over 90 years old, as she talks about Dad in a way that reminds us of him still being here, makes my heart cry out with happiness!  "Oh praise God" for the little things! Being able to do crunches at 53 years old and doing less but loving them as much as I did when I was 30!   

Eating all of the things I like and "knowing" that I have enough control over myself, to stop and not overdo it!  That's one of my favorites!  Being able to love on my husband and him love on me just as we did when we were younger but appreciating the beautiful changes that have taken place, through the aging process!  

LOVE the little things and make them your FAVORITE things because "these things" are the intangible things that will stay with you and in your heart forever.  That is my thought for today!
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