Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cheap & Chic Instant Artwork....I Love This Idea!

Ok, this is probably going to be one of the shortest post I've ever shared!  I just have to share this quick idea with you that came out of nowhere tonight...really it did :-)!!

Remember the gifts I made from my craft table last week? Well, I started wrapping some of them up so that I could put them under my tree to give away on Christmas Day.  
Do you remember the two charger plates that I created into inspirational gifts?  Guess what?  I just happen to look over at my desk in my office and noticed two decorative clipboards that I actually use and somehow, from somewhere, I walked toward one of the clipboards and picked it up!  Then I grabbed one of the plates and clipped it to the board! 
OMG...this idea was innovative for real!!!!   It was straight out-the-box and out of my head!!
"Yes", I thought of my family and my crafty followers because I knew you would like this idea and it seals the deal on this gift before you wrap it!
This idea is "off the chain" thinking and its such a nice way to display your charger plate gift.  As a matter of fact, I'm including it with my plates to complete each gift. 
This gift requires 1 push pin and that's it! Instantly, you have a piece of wall art that is creative, original, handmade-homemade, inspiring and a keepsake that will be appreciated by anyone who gets this for a gift!!! 

I love this idea and I come up with a lot of ideas but this is one of my best!  Pick up some clipboards tomorrow at Home Goods to go with your plates.  These clipboards cost about $5.00 each and come in a few decorative colors.  I know for sure, they come in silver and gold :-)... great for holiday gift giving...Cheap & Chic!

Have a good night and tty soon....9 days til Christmas..!!
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