Wednesday, December 30, 2015

See Each Day As A Gift & Go Unplugged On Purpose: Time To Say Thank You & Happy New Year 2016!

Wow! "Going unplugged, on purpose" is sometimes needed.."See each day as gift."

Another year is almost gone and I'm so glad to be alive!!   When I think about how precious breathing is, I'm thankful.  Knowing that every time I get into my vehicle and get on the road to drive to and from one destination to another, I'm thankful to God for keeping me safe from harm. Waking up each day is the greatest and best gift that I'm grateful for, especially since I have absolutely no control over it.  Without this gift from God, nothing else can exist, for any of us. God provides. 


It's been almost 2 weeks since I've posted on my blog site and I have to admit, its been on purpose. My Christmas holiday was absolutely awesome.  "I hope your Christmas holiday was all that you wanted it to be too!"  Well, another New Year is upon us and before it rings in, I wanted to be sure that I take the time to say thank you. I spent some well needed time with "me", these past few weeks.  "Yes", just like I posted in the past, I had to take a "mental dump" (check out this post and follow my steps for taking a mental works) and put everything on pause for a!  Oh, I had a good time with family and my hubby absolutely "showed out" with a very unique and special Christmas gift giving experience, planned just for me!  He's great and I thanked him for making me feel so special. I'll share this experience with you in may want to try it out on your!! 

So, for the last 13 or so days, life has been blissful!  I had an opportunity to think freely about anything and not!  You feeling me??  I chose what I wanted on my plate for the day and that's what I focused on.  Oh, I loved it, unplugged and on purpose!!!  I feel rested and I was able to make decisions that I could only make during my "mental dump" time.

As I prepare for the New Year 2016, I'm looking forward to so much God has given me to be responsible for.  I'm thankful that He thought enough of me, to choose me, for the challenges that are upon me. This year, 2016, could be the year things begin to unfold for you, as well.  Ask God to reveal the responsibilities He has for you in 2016.  You may not be able to go unplugged like I did for a few weeks but in order to unfold your thoughts of expectations, challenges, desired outcomes, hopes and dreams that you are longing for, you must free your mind of everything and be open to anything, in order to hear from Him. 

"Thank you" for making your "go to" sometimes (lol) when you just want to check me out and see what I'm blogging about next!  I receive that "love" and it keeps me going  ;-)!  Keep following as I turn the page at in 2016.  I'm so excited about this next year!  

Stay safe, buckle up, designate a driver, stay alert and pray.  Love you and tty in 2016....10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..............
Happy New Year to you and your family!!

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