Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hints and Tips For Planning The Perfect Church Supper Anywhere!

A good meal anytime of the day is great but church supper is always good!  Sharing food has always created a sense of family and coming together for fellowship.  Church gatherings and church suppers connect communities all over the world.  It's also a great way to meet people and spend time together over a meal.  A supper can be just the event to get members together to brainstorm over a specific church project you are working on or to celebrate a holiday. 

Food is always a good reason to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, new arrivals or just because! Here's some hints and tips to help you with organizing a church supper that will make you look like a superstar and appear totally seamless to everyone else!

1.  Get a team together of helpers to take charge of different aspects of the supper such as tables, chairs, dishes/utensils and decorations.  

2. Make a list of those who intend to bring appetizers, main dishes, desserts, side dishes, bread/biscuits, beverages and snacks.  This will ensure a balanced menu. 

3.  Arrange for cold dishes to be delivered to the supper venue about 2 hours before supper time.  This will allow an opportunity to have them set out For hot dishes, they should be delivered just in time for serving.

4.  Make sure you have enough people to set the venue up in advance of the supper.  Let children help, they love it.  Have them wrap the utensils in napkins and line them up in a basket. Set food out buffet style.  Refrigerate drinks. 

5.  Bless the food, fix the plates and break bread together!

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Friday, January 29, 2016

3 Quick Ways To Save To Jump Start Your Decorating Dollars!


Oh yea, we are about to get started with a decorating refresh of ideas that won't break our bank or our!  

I've got 2 projects I've asked my husband about because of course, it's his home too ;-)!  He gave me the green light and we are off to the races!! Check out these jump start ideas I have to save some dollars for our next decorating project and refresh!  Oh, I forgot to mention, we are saving to get backsplash in our kitchen and for paint (the good stuff!!), to refresh our powder room.

3 Quick Ways To Save Your Decorating $'s

1. Piggy Bank or Cookie Jar - Remember back in the day, a piggy bank or that cookie jar on top of the refrigerator was the only thing we knew about saving some money for a rainy day? Well, nothing has can still do today, what you did back in the day!  Drop loose change in your little piggy or cookie jar and watch how it grows.  Before you know it, you've got enough saved to begin your project! 

2.  52 Week Challenge - Here's an awesome way to save that I learned from my church. You can Google this challenge and find all kinds of charts you can use for this way to save.  It's a weekly discipline that decks the dollars away quickly, without you feeling like you are saving.  Each week you deposit an exact amount of money that equals to that particular week of the year, finishing at 52 weeks. 
Example:  Week 1=1$, Week 2=2$, etc; and so on and so forth. Clever, right?   At the end of the year, you've saved well over $1000 to start a nice size plan to decorate and refresh!

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind - This idea is easy.  Set up an arrangement with your financial instituition to set aside a certain amount of money before you get your check or direct deposit. Decide on a comfortable amount to save and setup the withdrawal.  After awhile, you won't even think about it anymore.  Keep letting it accumulate until you are ready to get started on your decorating, then pull some or all the extra cash out to get going!
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Workshop: Invitation To Say Yes To Being Your Own Kind Of Beautiful In March 2016!

Hey There!!!!!!

Oh wow, it's seems like forever since I've posted anything.  Well, "LIFE" got in my way!  What can I say, it's just that!!!  Hope you are still hanging in there with I always say, the fun things that we enjoy doing always seem to take a backseat when "real life" comes knocking on our door! 

Anyway, I have been busy with some things that are moving me forward toward my "blog to business" venture.  Remember, I'm taking my time and taking it slow.  I've been working like crazy to finish up classes for my coaching certification and working even harder to obtain a specific master certification in "energy levels" that I plan to use as a certified professional coach. 
I'm so excited because I'm almost to the finish line and what really excites me is how unique my future coaching business will be.  Undoubtedly, it will be built on a firm foundation of principles that will enable me to help individuals with personal enrichment in both their home and work life.  However, what is most gratifying to me is that I will bring my creative expression and experience to my coaching firm that will create a fun, relaxing and worthwhile experience for both the client and for myself.

I'm anxious to help others realize their dreams, hopes and expected outcomes they have envisioned for themselves.  As a "personal enrichment coach", I will take my job personal and every win for me is a win for my clients!  That's just who I am.  I can't win in what I do unless they are winners as well.  Additionally, as a master practitioner in "energy level" assessments/evaluations, I am able to help my clients recognize their individual energy level and learn how to manage and balance it so it works best for them in all aspects of their life.

No date has been announced yet and "thank you" to the ones that have already said YES that you would like to attend.  That's awesome and I'm happy about it!  You are now on the "invite" list!  The workshop date will be announced next month and if you reply YES that you are interested, you will receive a special invitation with detailed information concerning the workshop. 

It's going to be a fun time...look what I've planned for my beautiful people!

I'll have a special guest speaker that will share an insightful message with us.  I'll be serving a delicious brunch with hot & cold beverages.  I've invited a story telling vendor that will be selling a product selected especially for this event and lastly, I'm giving away some awesome door prizes!  Click on link below for more details and looking forward to our networking very soon..;-)!
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day, Snow Play....Updating Your Bedding Attire!!!


Brrrrr..... Baby it's cold outside!  It's a blizzard out there!!

Time to huddle and cuddle up under those covers...LOL!!  Oh yea, when I'm snowed in with my hubby, we have so much fun.  We eat entirely too much food and watch a ton of TV!  You too?  Well, you can!!  That' what Snow Day, Snow Play is about!  However, when it's time to chill, we head to the bedroom, (ok, get your mind off of hanky panky....LOL!!!).  We are usually heading to the bedroom because we are tired of eating and want to really relax!

There's just a little problem with our relaxation...

"How annoying is it when you finally retire to bed some nights, only to experience an uncomfortable sleep?"  Does that question resonate with you?  Well, I know because I've been there! Snow or not, we realized we were not always getting a good rest, for various reasons. 

We invested in a Sleep Number Bed but finding the right number is a project sometimes!  I have to admit this bed is awesome but for some reason, I still felt like we were not totally fulfilled with the relaxation we needed for our sleeping purposes.  Finally, I decided to break down and buy some new bedding attire (it can be expensive). 

Believe it or not, that actually worked!!  I sleep so much better and so does my hubby ;-).  Our snoring has even gotten better...haha!  The investment in a good mattress and the dressing to go on it, is so well worth the money.  The thread count of your sheets and pillow cases can make all the difference in the world too (anything between  400 to 600 count is good)!  OMG, it's like sleeping on butter baby...LOL! 

Investing in good pillows also adds to that heavenly experience.  Memory Foam pillows are so good for head and neck support.  As far as a comforter and quilts, well, buy them both.  I like down comforters and when I buy printed ones, I always get reversible.  I also love duvet covers.  They are a great investment and can save you on having to purchase a new comforter every time you want to re-decorate or refresh your bedding.

Splurge on your sleepy-time and here's some suggestions to get you started.  Happy Snow Day, now you are ready for some Snow Play with your boo too!!!  Have fun.....good night!

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Reversible Comforter


Down Comforter (My favorite..plush!)
600 Thread Count Sheets & Pillowcases

Memory Foam Pillow


Monday, January 4, 2016

A Blogger's Perspective On Blogging & Business {Introducing 1 On 1 Creative Expressions}: I'm Just Having Fun!

Creative. Innovative. Crafty. Whimsical.

 1 On 1 Creative Expressions 
Designed By 

Hi There!

"Welcome to my world of being simply creative, crafty, thinking innovative and expressing what I do, 1 on 1 in my very own way!" 

I'm not wasting a minute in 2016 and I've already began creating my products for my virtual online store!  My copyrights are in place and I'm working hard on preparing gifts and activity props that can be used by coaches, instructors, teachers and facilitators.  These items will be available for purchase individually and/or as activity kits.

1 On 1 Creative Expressions visualization tools, activity kits and gifts are creative, innovative, crafty and whimsical designs. Be inspired in knowing that you can be all that you desire to be!
1 On 1 Creative Expressions visualization tools and activity kits can be used to create positive energy at any seminar, training, workshop or retreat.  These tools are for instructors, coaches, facilitators, boot camp leaders, inspirational leaders, teachers and mentors.  The activity kits can be used as icebreakers for training classes, workshops, seminars, coaching sessions or team building events.  They are great for creating dialogue and ramping up the positive energy in a room!
1 On 1 Creative Expressions gifts can be given as keepsakes or reminders of accomplishments or successes that have been achieved.  Bracelets with inspiring expressions and gifts that share encouraging words are just some of the ways to express your support for someone else. is turning the page in 2016 but taking it slow! It all began for me with creating a blog site back in 2014 called  When I created my website, I began sharing things I was familiar with like my real life stories, cleaning tips, crafting, decorating 101, cleaning basics, inspiring thoughts, accessorizing, organizing, entertaining and my DIY projects!  I began to write and post something everyday on my site and people began to read and take an interest in what I found to be a lot of fun!   

This fun is still just as exciting for me now as it was when I began in August of 2014.  I'm a self taught blogger, so I can really appreciate how much I've learned about blogging in the past year! I absolutely love it.

I made a decision to dissolve my business, Potatree Favors in 2013, that I had worked so hard to get off the ground since 2006.  Things were pretty good for a few years.  I made some money and I was having fun too.  However, eventually it started to cost me more to keep it running than what I was earning from the sales. 

I sat for a year and just did other things that I enjoyed doing and then in 2014, God gave me another idea. It wasn't a business venture but rather a blogger venture! I knew nothing about blogging but I had a husband that encouraged me and told me that I could learn!  It was then, I decided to create my blog site.  I launched it on the world wide web in August 2014 and the rest is just FUN!!

It cost me a lot less to launch this blog than my prior business and the desire to become an entrepreneur was not a priority for me.  I just wanted to have fun.  That's what I'm doing, having fun!  I'm taking my time and I realized that sometimes "OK" is enough.  So my "blog to business" is on the way but I'm taking it slow and following my heart!  Thanks for following.  I appreciate you!
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From A Blogger's Perspective:
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Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful!