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A Blogger's Perspective On Blogging & Business {Introducing 1 On 1 Creative Expressions}: I'm Just Having Fun!

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"Welcome to my world of being simply creative, crafty, thinking innovative and expressing what I do, 1 on 1 in my very own way!" 

I'm not wasting a minute in 2016 and I've already began creating my products for my virtual online store!  My copyrights are in place and I'm working hard on preparing gifts and activity props that can be used by coaches, instructors, teachers and facilitators.  These items will be available for purchase individually and/or as activity kits.

1 On 1 Creative Expressions visualization tools, activity kits and gifts are creative, innovative, crafty and whimsical designs. Be inspired in knowing that you can be all that you desire to be!
1 On 1 Creative Expressions visualization tools and activity kits can be used to create positive energy at any seminar, training, workshop or retreat.  These tools are for instructors, coaches, facilitators, boot camp leaders, inspirational leaders, teachers and mentors.  The activity kits can be used as icebreakers for training classes, workshops, seminars, coaching sessions or team building events.  They are great for creating dialogue and ramping up the positive energy in a room!
1 On 1 Creative Expressions gifts can be given as keepsakes or reminders of accomplishments or successes that have been achieved.  Bracelets with inspiring expressions and gifts that share encouraging words are just some of the ways to express your support for someone else. is turning the page in 2016 but taking it slow! It all began for me with creating a blog site back in 2014 called  When I created my website, I began sharing things I was familiar with like my real life stories, cleaning tips, crafting, decorating 101, cleaning basics, inspiring thoughts, accessorizing, organizing, entertaining and my DIY projects!  I began to write and post something everyday on my site and people began to read and take an interest in what I found to be a lot of fun!   

This fun is still just as exciting for me now as it was when I began in August of 2014.  I'm a self taught blogger, so I can really appreciate how much I've learned about blogging in the past year! I absolutely love it.

I made a decision to dissolve my business, Potatree Favors in 2013, that I had worked so hard to get off the ground since 2006.  Things were pretty good for a few years.  I made some money and I was having fun too.  However, eventually it started to cost me more to keep it running than what I was earning from the sales. 

I sat for a year and just did other things that I enjoyed doing and then in 2014, God gave me another idea. It wasn't a business venture but rather a blogger venture! I knew nothing about blogging but I had a husband that encouraged me and told me that I could learn!  It was then, I decided to create my blog site.  I launched it on the world wide web in August 2014 and the rest is just FUN!!

It cost me a lot less to launch this blog than my prior business and the desire to become an entrepreneur was not a priority for me.  I just wanted to have fun.  That's what I'm doing, having fun!  I'm taking my time and I realized that sometimes "OK" is enough.  So my "blog to business" is on the way but I'm taking it slow and following my heart!  Thanks for following.  I appreciate you!
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