Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hints and Tips For Planning The Perfect Church Supper Anywhere!

A good meal anytime of the day is great but church supper is always good!  Sharing food has always created a sense of family and coming together for fellowship.  Church gatherings and church suppers connect communities all over the world.  It's also a great way to meet people and spend time together over a meal.  A supper can be just the event to get members together to brainstorm over a specific church project you are working on or to celebrate a holiday. 

Food is always a good reason to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, new arrivals or just because! Here's some hints and tips to help you with organizing a church supper that will make you look like a superstar and appear totally seamless to everyone else!

1.  Get a team together of helpers to take charge of different aspects of the supper such as tables, chairs, dishes/utensils and decorations.  

2. Make a list of those who intend to bring appetizers, main dishes, desserts, side dishes, bread/biscuits, beverages and snacks.  This will ensure a balanced menu. 

3.  Arrange for cold dishes to be delivered to the supper venue about 2 hours before supper time.  This will allow an opportunity to have them set out For hot dishes, they should be delivered just in time for serving.

4.  Make sure you have enough people to set the venue up in advance of the supper.  Let children help, they love it.  Have them wrap the utensils in napkins and line them up in a basket. Set food out buffet style.  Refrigerate drinks. 

5.  Bless the food, fix the plates and break bread together!

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