Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day, Snow Play....Updating Your Bedding Attire!!!


Brrrrr..... Baby it's cold outside!  It's a blizzard out there!!

Time to huddle and cuddle up under those covers...LOL!!  Oh yea, when I'm snowed in with my hubby, we have so much fun.  We eat entirely too much food and watch a ton of TV!  You too?  Well, you can!!  That' what Snow Day, Snow Play is about!  However, when it's time to chill, we head to the bedroom, (ok, get your mind off of hanky panky....LOL!!!).  We are usually heading to the bedroom because we are tired of eating and want to really relax!

There's just a little problem with our relaxation...

"How annoying is it when you finally retire to bed some nights, only to experience an uncomfortable sleep?"  Does that question resonate with you?  Well, I know because I've been there! Snow or not, we realized we were not always getting a good rest, for various reasons. 

We invested in a Sleep Number Bed but finding the right number is a project sometimes!  I have to admit this bed is awesome but for some reason, I still felt like we were not totally fulfilled with the relaxation we needed for our sleeping purposes.  Finally, I decided to break down and buy some new bedding attire (it can be expensive). 

Believe it or not, that actually worked!!  I sleep so much better and so does my hubby ;-).  Our snoring has even gotten better...haha!  The investment in a good mattress and the dressing to go on it, is so well worth the money.  The thread count of your sheets and pillow cases can make all the difference in the world too (anything between  400 to 600 count is good)!  OMG, it's like sleeping on butter baby...LOL! 

Investing in good pillows also adds to that heavenly experience.  Memory Foam pillows are so good for head and neck support.  As far as a comforter and quilts, well, buy them both.  I like down comforters and when I buy printed ones, I always get reversible.  I also love duvet covers.  They are a great investment and can save you on having to purchase a new comforter every time you want to re-decorate or refresh your bedding.

Splurge on your sleepy-time and here's some suggestions to get you started.  Happy Snow Day, now you are ready for some Snow Play with your boo too!!!  Have fun.....good night!

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