Sunday, January 24, 2016

Workshop: Invitation To Say Yes To Being Your Own Kind Of Beautiful In March 2016!

Hey There!!!!!!

Oh wow, it's seems like forever since I've posted anything.  Well, "LIFE" got in my way!  What can I say, it's just that!!!  Hope you are still hanging in there with I always say, the fun things that we enjoy doing always seem to take a backseat when "real life" comes knocking on our door! 

Anyway, I have been busy with some things that are moving me forward toward my "blog to business" venture.  Remember, I'm taking my time and taking it slow.  I've been working like crazy to finish up classes for my coaching certification and working even harder to obtain a specific master certification in "energy levels" that I plan to use as a certified professional coach. 
I'm so excited because I'm almost to the finish line and what really excites me is how unique my future coaching business will be.  Undoubtedly, it will be built on a firm foundation of principles that will enable me to help individuals with personal enrichment in both their home and work life.  However, what is most gratifying to me is that I will bring my creative expression and experience to my coaching firm that will create a fun, relaxing and worthwhile experience for both the client and for myself.

I'm anxious to help others realize their dreams, hopes and expected outcomes they have envisioned for themselves.  As a "personal enrichment coach", I will take my job personal and every win for me is a win for my clients!  That's just who I am.  I can't win in what I do unless they are winners as well.  Additionally, as a master practitioner in "energy level" assessments/evaluations, I am able to help my clients recognize their individual energy level and learn how to manage and balance it so it works best for them in all aspects of their life.

No date has been announced yet and "thank you" to the ones that have already said YES that you would like to attend.  That's awesome and I'm happy about it!  You are now on the "invite" list!  The workshop date will be announced next month and if you reply YES that you are interested, you will receive a special invitation with detailed information concerning the workshop. 

It's going to be a fun time...look what I've planned for my beautiful people!

I'll have a special guest speaker that will share an insightful message with us.  I'll be serving a delicious brunch with hot & cold beverages.  I've invited a story telling vendor that will be selling a product selected especially for this event and lastly, I'm giving away some awesome door prizes!  Click on link below for more details and looking forward to our networking very soon..;-)!
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