Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Is Here ♡♡ Fashionista Trends & Tips: LoftTalk Contributor @ {SHANAY B}.


Cupid is in the air again and yes, it's that time for the love bug to!  Wow, it seems like we were just celebrating Christmas and now, here we are smooching about Valentine's Day.  Last year, I did an exclusive spread on "how to" make Valentine's Day hearts, cards and table decorating for entertaining.  To see the "how to", search "Valentine's Day" on home page.

On a more serious note, I'm sharing an awesome post from one of my contributing writers, Shanay Brown.  She is sharing on Fashion for the Spring and it's right on time!  Take a few minutes to read Shanay's contributing story and leave a comment at! The comment section is just below the post (it says "leave a comment for Deb & join in to share")
Thanks Shanay and love your fashionista expertise...
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Spring Fashion Trends
By:  Shanay Brown
Spring Fashion this year is all about texture!
 Peace and Blessings.....
Hello Ladies!  Well, I know you are tired of the SNOW and there is more to come but guess what?  We can still look HOT, even in the COLD!!  I'm sharing some amazing Spring Fashion Trends with the family and community, that will not only look good hanging in your closet, but will look absolutely AWESOME on YOU!!!! 

Lets begin with, bringing back the 70's Inspired Suede. With the 70's Inspired Suede you can also wear these pieces in the Fall.

Secondly, the classic Victorian Style. In my opinion you can pick great pieces and items from your local consignment shop if you do not want to break the bank.

Ladies, you can't have a Spring without the All White fashion items. This year, again, we are seeing the redux of the "All White Button" down shirtdress.  I love it!

Spanish Influences with shades of Red are another hot Spring Fashion trend. Ladies, just remember everything in this category depends on your body type and you should have fun with it.

Lastly, the featured Spring shoes are the Mule. Mules comes in different types and textures.

Ladies, please continue to have fun with fashion and remember, wear what is "always" comfortable for you!