Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Thought For Today: Picture Your Passion In The Present!

Brownstone Coaching LLC
Ever feel like you are not quite living out the life you planned on?  It feels like there is more behind you than in front of you.  Sometimes it feels like life is just slipping away, passing you by and there's nothing new to look forward to.  Well, you are not alone.  Many times, many of us, have a passion that we picture in our minds but that's about as far as it goes.  When we look around, it appears that everyone else is living the life you only dream about.   

How do you know what your passion is?  Well, its that "thing" that you always find yourself "wanting" to do, over and over again.  It's that butterfly in your belly or tug in your gut that has an identity of its own, subsiding from time to time but never really going away.  However, on the flip side, it's such a dramatic and awesome feeling when you recognize your passion and can pair up and become one with it!  Picture your passion opening new doors for you in your life.  Re-imagine how free you would feel operating in your passion.  Visualize utilizing your passion to help others. 

"This is my story and it may be yours, as well.   I've pictured my passion for years in my mind and finally I'm putting one foot in front of the other and beginning to walk in it.  I'm picturing my passion in the present and it feels good!" 

Sometimes we need a push or a person that can share with us the path and journey they took that led them to where they are today.  I listen and learn from many smart people that are living out their passion and I feel privileged to have access to their wisdom.  Legacy learning is some of the best teaching you can receive.  Be open to learn from others that have already succeeded and that are already accomplished.

My passion will launch in a few weeks (Brownstone Coaching LLC) and at one time it was a dream that had not yet been realized.  At one time, it was something I only pictured in my mind.  Soon, I will picture my passion in the present, as I operate in it.  You too, can begin to live the life you planned and stop letting life pass you by. 

Go ahead, get started.  You can do it and remember, you're not alone. Experience total fulfillment and start now!!
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