Sunday, April 24, 2016

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful (BYOKOB) Workshop: Women To Women

"This was a beautiful event.  Thank you for the invite.  You are such a great speaker and your ideas were marvelous.  I met some inspiring people at the event.  God is truly blessing you." 
Kathy A.
"This workshop was fun and inspiring and I really enjoyed meeting this wonderful group of beautiful women.  Thank you for inviting me."
Maria A.
"I attended the BYOKOB workshop with the ladies on Saturday.  It was a fun time had by us all.  It was wonderful to meet new women.  The connection between the women was very powerful and spirit lead.  Thanks Deb for encouraging us to BYOKOB!"
 Phyllis S.
"Absolutely Awesome! Most inspiring workshop.  Have learned so much about myself and developed new relationships!  Can't wait to share this information and hope to invite you to my women's group at church."
Paulette B.

"I really enjoyed myself and am truly looking forward to coming to another workshop.  Also, I would love to bring my daughters."
Laresa W.

"A magnificent, well thought out workshop.  The women were inspiring and supportive of each other especially since we've come from different walks of life.  Absolutely an amazing way to spend my Saturday."
Deborah W.

Well, as I wrap up this month with all of the things I have been doing, I want to share the highlight of the month for by celebrating the beautiful ladies that attended my BYOKOB Workshop!!
I had been talking about doing this workshop for the last 2 months and I am so happy that I was able to make it happen!  A big hug and thank you to all of the "beautiful" ladies that were able to attend.  It was such a great turnout and a beautiful way to celebrate women to women!

The day started with a Chicken and Waffles Brunch.  Maple syrup and powdered sugar were the simple toppings for their waffles but for those that really wanted to indulge, peaches and blueberries were also available.  A cheese platter with pepper jack, sharp and muenster cheeses with gouda pita chips, were extras that the ladies could add to their plates.  Fresh fruit such as orange slices, fruit cups and bananas were part of the brunch also.  Beverage choices were, cranberry juice, iced tea, hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate or spring water with fresh limes or lemons.  Everyone enjoyed the brunch and browse social hour!

We continued with welcome and introductions from everyone.  Each person shared their name and a little bit about herself.  It was so interesting to hear everyone share.  The day continued with conversation and tips that make you feel beautiful inside.  The ladies then participated in a "personal oath" exercise that allowed them to explore their beliefs and values they have for themselves. 
Next, I invited a guest speaker, Mattie Stanford of "Mattie's Bra Shop!"  She was awesome and shared on entrepreneurship and the benefits of owning your own business.  She expressed how women should take care of their bodiesShe was insightful and provided purposeful information on how wearing the right size bra, is so important.  A BIG THANKS  to her for sharing her life story.  Complimentary bra fittings were also available for everyone who attended. 

The day ended with a Build Me Beautiful activity that was inspired by the popular TV show, Project Runway!  The ladies were divided into teams and groups of 3 .  Each team was given a mannequin model that they had to dress up in the most beautiful attire that was original and designed and created by their team!  They were also told to choose a name for their model and to share with others, the story about their beautiful model and what made her beautiful both inside and out.  This activity was so much fun and purposeful.  The ladies really enjoyed it.

Connections were made.  I saw women exchanging phone numbers and emails so they could stay in touch with each other.  New friendships were developed and that was a blessing to witness.  Everyone was engaged and  conversations were going on throughout the room.  Every time I looked up, someone was either laughing or smiling!
I can't say enough about how great I felt to be able to sponsor this event.  There was no cover charge and that is exactly how I planned it.  God gave me this idea and I carried out the mission exactly how He told me to do it.  The way I envisioned it, is exactly the way it happened!  This idea had been on my heart and mind for months and I am so grateful that God made a way for me to do it. The turnout was more than I expected and just enough!  I will do it again and I hope you can attend. 

A BIG THANK YOU to my friend and my assistant :-), Bell.  Again, she rose to the occasion and helped me to be successful.  To everyone that stayed after to help us breakdown the models, clean up, pack up, wipe tables, empty trash, put furniture back, take things to the car or whatever else, I THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  It was true teamwork.  To some of my dearest friends that support me always, THANK YOU and I love you!!!  To new friends, THANK YOU and I hope that we can become better friends.  Last but not least, I have to thank my husband for supporting me in everything I do, always!  He was there, capturing pictures, video taping and helping, wherever was needed.  "Thank you Daryn and I love you for just being with me!"
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Simple Burrito Pizza Recipe!


Hi There!
Here's a simple recipe that you will love because it saves on so many calories and it's very delicious!  I wanted something different for dinner tonight that was easy to fix cause I'm feeling kind of!  I looked in my refrigerator and immediately I saw the burritos, then I saw the cheese and after that it was too easy to figured out what I could make!
Here's what you need to make this simple meal for one, two or more.  Add a side salad and you have a full course!  

Have fun and guess what? It only takes a 1/2 hour to prepare and complete this recipe!

-2 large burritos
 -small jar of pizza sauce
-8 oz. package of low fat grated mozzarella cheese
-1/2 of a small onion (sliced & halved)
-1/2 of a small green pepper (sliced & halved)
-ground sweet italian sausage (rolled into 14 small balls, browned lightly and drained on paper towel)
-small pitted black olives (about 10, drained and cut into slices)

Prep Time (10 min)
Preheat oven to 350.  Lay burritos out and add sauce in circular motion, covering all except outside rim.  Now add cheese, onions, green peppers, sausage and black olives.

Cook (20 min)
Slide them in the oven and cook on 350 for 20 minutes.

Too easy, right? Enjoy♡♡♡!
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Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Madness - {SPORTS} The Final Four Tournament! The Kind Of Stuff That Dreams are Made Of LoftTalk Contributor @ {DARYN RAMSEY}

When I'm busy, I have some awesome contributing writers that help me out every now and then and I praise them always.
 One writer that I love so much is my hubby and I didn't have to twist his arm to share a story on March Madness.  He was happy to do it and I graciously accepted his kindness! It's a great read and an awesome contribution that can be enjoyed by all.  Ladies, please share this story with your husbands. They will enjoy it.
  "Thanks to my husband" for always having my back when I need him.  He's an awesome man and talented too!
*** Want to share a story?  I would love to hear from you!  Email me at
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"It's The Kind of Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of”
By Daryn C. Ramsey  
Across the globe there is a hunger and thirst that burns in sports like no other. This desire, this craving, this passion, is burning in the hearts and minds of young people everywhere. If you are among the fortunate, you will be afforded the opportunity of having this passion played out and fulfilled through the ultimate team competition. It's the game of college basketball ladies and gentlemen. We’re talking March Madness, the Road to the Final Four. March Madness is a description of the excitement that surrounds the Final Four tournament in the Men’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I College Basketball. You see, March Madness is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. Young men, student-athletes that have a passion for the game, dream and hope to someday be a part of this great spectacle.
Sixty-eight teams qualify for the tournament by having a successful regular season. Teams are seeded 1-16, placed, and compete in four separate regions. The East region is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The South region is in Louisville, Kentucky. Anaheim, California is host to the West region and the Midwest region is in Chicago, Illinois. The excitement to a degree, is generated by the enthusiasm of the smaller less popular Division 1 schools competing against the larger well known schools. Cinderella meets the King of the Hill. The tournament eventually comes down to the Final Four teams in which the tournament gets its name. Ultimately, the climax comes with the championship game, in which the two winners from the Final four compete for the National Championship. The games are televised with millions of sports fans viewing in anticipation and expectation of the exhilaration and suspense that this tournament is known for. Furthermore, thousands of fans flood the tournament venues with much of the same expectancy, eagerness, and exuberance.
Spectators throughout the world come to be a part of this major event. The best way to describe the fan base is to say, it’s like a Who’s Who among the Rich and Famous, down to the average Sally or Joe coming to see their favorite team. The Universities gain from the media exposure and the airtime is attractive to recruits, wanting the chance to play on television. March Madness also generates revenue for the schools in the form of ticket sales, student enrollment, alumni support and sports memorabilia sales among others. Stars are born during March Madness and heroes are made at the Final Four. It's the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. 
The Final Four, AKA “March Madness” is arguably the most significant platform in intercollegiate athletics. The stakes are high for the athletes and universities making it to this level. If you don't come with your game face on you lose. This one is for all the marbles baby! Its single elimination. One and done. If you lose you go home. But if you win, oh but if you win! You will forever be called a national champion and sealed into the prestigious history of the NCAA Final Four. After all, it’s the kind of stuff that dreams are made of!
Daryn C.Ramsey

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