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March Madness - {SPORTS} The Final Four Tournament! The Kind Of Stuff That Dreams are Made Of LoftTalk Contributor @ {DARYN RAMSEY}

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"It's The Kind of Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of”
By Daryn C. Ramsey  
Across the globe there is a hunger and thirst that burns in sports like no other. This desire, this craving, this passion, is burning in the hearts and minds of young people everywhere. If you are among the fortunate, you will be afforded the opportunity of having this passion played out and fulfilled through the ultimate team competition. It's the game of college basketball ladies and gentlemen. We’re talking March Madness, the Road to the Final Four. March Madness is a description of the excitement that surrounds the Final Four tournament in the Men’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I College Basketball. You see, March Madness is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. Young men, student-athletes that have a passion for the game, dream and hope to someday be a part of this great spectacle.
Sixty-eight teams qualify for the tournament by having a successful regular season. Teams are seeded 1-16, placed, and compete in four separate regions. The East region is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The South region is in Louisville, Kentucky. Anaheim, California is host to the West region and the Midwest region is in Chicago, Illinois. The excitement to a degree, is generated by the enthusiasm of the smaller less popular Division 1 schools competing against the larger well known schools. Cinderella meets the King of the Hill. The tournament eventually comes down to the Final Four teams in which the tournament gets its name. Ultimately, the climax comes with the championship game, in which the two winners from the Final four compete for the National Championship. The games are televised with millions of sports fans viewing in anticipation and expectation of the exhilaration and suspense that this tournament is known for. Furthermore, thousands of fans flood the tournament venues with much of the same expectancy, eagerness, and exuberance.
Spectators throughout the world come to be a part of this major event. The best way to describe the fan base is to say, it’s like a Who’s Who among the Rich and Famous, down to the average Sally or Joe coming to see their favorite team. The Universities gain from the media exposure and the airtime is attractive to recruits, wanting the chance to play on television. March Madness also generates revenue for the schools in the form of ticket sales, student enrollment, alumni support and sports memorabilia sales among others. Stars are born during March Madness and heroes are made at the Final Four. It's the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. 
The Final Four, AKA “March Madness” is arguably the most significant platform in intercollegiate athletics. The stakes are high for the athletes and universities making it to this level. If you don't come with your game face on you lose. This one is for all the marbles baby! Its single elimination. One and done. If you lose you go home. But if you win, oh but if you win! You will forever be called a national champion and sealed into the prestigious history of the NCAA Final Four. After all, it’s the kind of stuff that dreams are made of!
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