Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Welcoming The Warmth Of White...An Awesome Hue!! {Decorating}


The color white is one of my favorites and I absolutely love white for summer decorating!  There is so much that you can do with white and of course, it goes with everything.  I've used white sheets to spread out on the grass for chilling out in the yard and I love white in the summer months, the most!
I usually refresh our bathrooms in the summer months with white towels, white rugs and white accessories.  White is also an awesome hue to use with black, grey, dark brown and baby blues.  It really goes with just about any color you pair it up with.  The warmth of white welcomes the ocean breeze and summer rays from a hot summer day!  It's neutral, fresh, bright and clean.  It's a crisp twist to contemporary and modern decorating.
When using the color white to decorate, it can really go well in a kitchen.  It pulls out the natural colors that are in granite yet creates a timeless feel unlike any other color.  White is also good to use for backgrounds because it focuses on the less primary colors, bringing them out more. 
Be sure to throw in some other colors when using white because you don't want your project to look too clinical!  If you choose to stick with all white in color for your project, then focus on using different textures of white.  By mixing textures within the same hue, you introduce artistry. 
I usually dress my dining room table for the holidays but for this Memorial Day, I'm using our kitchen island as the place to share in a meal. It's so nice to use the island for casual holidays and it provides a closeness with my guests, as I prepare the meal. 
I'm using white cotton napkins with natural beach stone rings, white plates, ocean blue stemware with white tissue paper for d├ęcor, white tulips nestled in white beach stones, coconut cake, white yogurt covered raisins and the best picked strawberries I could find, to pull this island table setting together! 
Welcome the warmth of white, welcome the warmth of the summer breeze and have fun this summer!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Finding your Absolute Yes: Get Out of Your Own Way...Bring It On World!

Your YES
Your YOU
quietly saying:
Bring it on WORLD
I'm ready for this
new experience
 and I'm ready
to say..."Absolutely, Yes"  
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How many times have we decided on or committed to something and then because we second guess ourselves, our decision changes?  Sometimes, you can be so sure that the decision you made is the right one for you and even in knowing that, you find it hard to say "yes"!
The homework has been done, you've checked and re-checked the details and prior history but still your intuition says, "no", not now.  Why is that?  Why do we find comfort in sometimes having someone else validate, what we already know? 


What's in your way?  
How would it look if you decided to just "go for it"? 
Who is affected by your decision? 

These are just a few things we think about, when trying to make both, easy and tough decisions.  When you just don't know which way to go, that's a case of "in your own way".  Unfortunately, our minds can play tricks on us by convincing us that we really don't know what to do, when in fact we really do!

 Many times, if you've done the legwork and thoroughly looked at all sides, all corners, up and down, then your first feeling, is usually the right feeling you need, as confirmation.  It should be enough to move forward with making a firm decision and saying "yes" emphatically!   No if, ands or buts about tracking?
Don't always believe that other people are in your corner, have your back or want the best for you.  That's just reality and the real truth!  Sometimes, they know less or nothing about what you want to do, with the choice you need to make. If you have someone in your life that can truly be open and honest with you about your concerns, then that is the person you should lean on for help with making your decision.  You know they have your best interest at heart and they care about you. 
Life is tough and sometimes we just don't know if we should go right or left.  The unforeseen is scary and a lot of times, that's what prevents us from making decisions that are our choice. 


"Life can be Bitter but it gets Better"... Yes???  (Gospel song by Jessica Reedy...luv!)
Don't be afraid to try something new or to move forward in a direction that could introduce you to something new, just as I try to do here, at (my tagline..LOL!)

Get out of your own way and welcome the challenges, changes and wonderfully new things that are out there just waiting for you and your absolute yes!! 
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Black Dress Date Night...{A Simple Piece Of Garment}

Black Dress Date Night
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Dust off that doubt
Learn to live again
It's all about
What you feel within
Bring back the flavor
You've got control
Rekindle the fire
Body and soul...

You've gained some weight
So what, Ok!
You still look good
Get ready to play

It's simple to do
The time is right
Rock your black dress
You're ready for tonight!

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Ever wondered what happened to the times when you would go out of your way to look for that special outfit for a night out with your hubby or boyfriend?  Perhaps, you're single and it's "Ladies Night", so you plan to hang out with your girlfriends.  Now, surely that calls for an outfit that is rocking and that will turn heads, as soon as you hit the door!! Yes??
Maybe you are going on a date and you don't know what to wear.  It could be someone you know or it could simply be someone that your friend fixed you up with.  You'll probably spend hours looking through your closet, trying to find the perfect outfit.  It's a fact that first impressions mean a lot, especially on a first date.   
Remember how excited you were to be able to simply put on something formal, flattering and sexy!  I can remember when I first started dating my husband and no matter what I decided to wear when we went out, I would always keep a couple of  "basic black dresses" on hand!  Well basic or not, the fact that my dress was black, said it all!  Now that I'm older and spend more time at home, my black dresses spend more time in my closet, than they do on me..LOL!
Who says you need a reason or place to go.  Why does it matter that our curves may be in places now, that they were not before.  Perhaps that size 4 is now a size 14.  Maybe there is no one around anymore that cares whether or not you slip into that black dress or not.  Maybe you just don't care, either way.  

Well, it's time to change.  Dust off that way of thinking.  Bounce back!!  Get a renewed spirit on the inside and change things up in your own mind. When you do that, everything else on the outside will begin to change, as well.  Start your goal with "getting into"  that basic black dress!  If the one you have is too small, then buy another one! If you don't have one, get one because black is sexy and speaks volumes when you are wearing it tight and right..LOL!!

Bring the flavor back into your life and into your relationship.  You can begin with this simple piece of garment! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5 Summer Stuffed Potatoes: Smashed & Mashed Recipes!

Well, we are moving right along and into the 3rd week of our 16 weeks of Sensational Summer Blog Posts!  I have another recipe for you this week!!  I'm sharing 5 ways to smash and mash your way to Summer Stuffed Potatoes.  There are so many ways to stuff potatoes and its such a fun way to enjoy a meal!  You can even get the kids involved and have some family fun while being creative and getting good nutrition! 

I chose 5 of my favorite stuffed potatoes to make for you and of course, you can modify what I use to include your favorites.  Did you know that the average potato only has 100 calories?  So, with knowing that, you can control the calorie count of your stuffed potato meal!  Potatoes also have more potassium than a banana, more vitamin C than an orange and more fiber than an apple! 

They are too easy to make and I've included the ingredients for each stuffed potato recipe.  Too easy, I promise!

Hope you enjoy....
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Here's my 5 Stuffed Potato Choices:
Garlic & Parsley
Sloppy Joe
Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms
Broccoli, Cheddar & Bacon Bits

Garlic & Parsley
Sloppy Joe

Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms

Broccoli, Cheddar & Bacon Bits

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Old Bay In May: Crab Boil Feast!

Hot Off The Press!!!
Crab Boil Feast...the pictures speak for themselves!  Have fun making this combination as you simply throw everything into the pot, season well and you are eating seafood gourmet style in less than 1 hour....Follow my photos and you won't fail at feasting on this delicious meal...Enjoy ;-)
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!! Just For Moms, Lean Back & Relax

Mother, may I?
Yes you can.
Because of you.
I'm who I am.
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Lean back & Relax!  It's Mother's Day and this is the day that we get to have it our way, all day long...;-)  So, you may be saying, "that's not the way it is for me."  Well, if that's "you" saying that, then you need to change that statement, this year, right now and make it clear to all that don't understand the importance of Mother's Day.

Mothers are the rock and foundation of the family.  I know, Dads are the king of the castle, but Moms are the foundation that keep the castle solid and unmovable!  Oh yea, I know because my Mom is a little, petite woman and my Dad was a big man and he had a big voice.  Here's the funny thing, even though Dad was "the king", he always looked to "the queen" for the final answer.  Yea, Mom kept everything tight and feeling me???
Come on now, you know what I mean!  If you are a Mom, whether it be biological, borrowed or step, you know that mothers carry a lot of weight in the family.  Sometimes, Moms do so much, they don't even realize how much they are doing.  It's just like second nature to them, to take control of every circumstance and situation.  So, on Mother's Day, "you" deserve to lean back & relax!  No matter how your role is dictated as a "mother", you are deserving of the very best treatment, on Mother's Day.  

I'm blessed to have an awesome Mom and I know it.  I'm blessed to be a mother to a beautiful daughter and I thank God for her life.  I was blessed to have a loving and kind mother-in-law.  I respect and applaud all of the beautiful and wise women that stand in the place as mothers to those that don't have their biological mothers with them anymore. 

All praises to the grandmothers that raise their grandchildren when their mother could no longer be there with them.  I give credit to the stepmoms, godmothers, aunties, siblings and cousins that are there to help, nurture and pour into children that are not their own but like their own.  To every human being that has a motherly way, motherly word and motherly love to give to those that need it, bless you for just giving of yourself and for being there, unconditionally. 

Today, I want every mother to  seriously, lean back & relax.  Take that mental dump (I wrote a post on this last year, check it out!). Take a deep breath and appreciate every beat of your heart. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and pure peace of mind, if only for a moment.  You have earned this moment. 
Let your child or children spoil you to no end.  Let your husbands or significant others go all the way, out of the way, to make Mother's Day special, just for you!  Receive it and receive more and more and more as the love keeps pouring down, all over you.  You are a queen. You are a mother and this day, is your day, Mother's Day.  Enjoy it and wear your crown well...lean back & relax!

Sometimes "doing nothing" means "everything".  
"On this day, I want to be free to do me." 
Say it, "Be free to do me."
Say it again, "Be free to do me." 
Say it all day long.....
"Be free, to do me!!"
Get it in your spirit...
"Be free, to do me!!"
Now, "do you"....
Lean Back & Relax, all day long!!!
Happy Mother's Day!