Sunday, May 22, 2016

Black Dress Date Night...{A Simple Piece Of Garment}

Black Dress Date Night
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Dust off that doubt
Learn to live again
It's all about
What you feel within
Bring back the flavor
You've got control
Rekindle the fire
Body and soul...

You've gained some weight
So what, Ok!
You still look good
Get ready to play

It's simple to do
The time is right
Rock your black dress
You're ready for tonight!

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Ever wondered what happened to the times when you would go out of your way to look for that special outfit for a night out with your hubby or boyfriend?  Perhaps, you're single and it's "Ladies Night", so you plan to hang out with your girlfriends.  Now, surely that calls for an outfit that is rocking and that will turn heads, as soon as you hit the door!! Yes??
Maybe you are going on a date and you don't know what to wear.  It could be someone you know or it could simply be someone that your friend fixed you up with.  You'll probably spend hours looking through your closet, trying to find the perfect outfit.  It's a fact that first impressions mean a lot, especially on a first date.   
Remember how excited you were to be able to simply put on something formal, flattering and sexy!  I can remember when I first started dating my husband and no matter what I decided to wear when we went out, I would always keep a couple of  "basic black dresses" on hand!  Well basic or not, the fact that my dress was black, said it all!  Now that I'm older and spend more time at home, my black dresses spend more time in my closet, than they do on me..LOL!
Who says you need a reason or place to go.  Why does it matter that our curves may be in places now, that they were not before.  Perhaps that size 4 is now a size 14.  Maybe there is no one around anymore that cares whether or not you slip into that black dress or not.  Maybe you just don't care, either way.  

Well, it's time to change.  Dust off that way of thinking.  Bounce back!!  Get a renewed spirit on the inside and change things up in your own mind. When you do that, everything else on the outside will begin to change, as well.  Start your goal with "getting into"  that basic black dress!  If the one you have is too small, then buy another one! If you don't have one, get one because black is sexy and speaks volumes when you are wearing it tight and right..LOL!!

Bring the flavor back into your life and into your relationship.  You can begin with this simple piece of garment!