Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!! Just For Moms, Lean Back & Relax

Mother, may I?
Yes you can.
Because of you.
I'm who I am.
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Lean back & Relax!  It's Mother's Day and this is the day that we get to have it our way, all day long...;-)  So, you may be saying, "that's not the way it is for me."  Well, if that's "you" saying that, then you need to change that statement, this year, right now and make it clear to all that don't understand the importance of Mother's Day.

Mothers are the rock and foundation of the family.  I know, Dads are the king of the castle, but Moms are the foundation that keep the castle solid and unmovable!  Oh yea, I know because my Mom is a little, petite woman and my Dad was a big man and he had a big voice.  Here's the funny thing, even though Dad was "the king", he always looked to "the queen" for the final answer.  Yea, Mom kept everything tight and feeling me???
Come on now, you know what I mean!  If you are a Mom, whether it be biological, borrowed or step, you know that mothers carry a lot of weight in the family.  Sometimes, Moms do so much, they don't even realize how much they are doing.  It's just like second nature to them, to take control of every circumstance and situation.  So, on Mother's Day, "you" deserve to lean back & relax!  No matter how your role is dictated as a "mother", you are deserving of the very best treatment, on Mother's Day.  

I'm blessed to have an awesome Mom and I know it.  I'm blessed to be a mother to a beautiful daughter and I thank God for her life.  I was blessed to have a loving and kind mother-in-law.  I respect and applaud all of the beautiful and wise women that stand in the place as mothers to those that don't have their biological mothers with them anymore. 

All praises to the grandmothers that raise their grandchildren when their mother could no longer be there with them.  I give credit to the stepmoms, godmothers, aunties, siblings and cousins that are there to help, nurture and pour into children that are not their own but like their own.  To every human being that has a motherly way, motherly word and motherly love to give to those that need it, bless you for just giving of yourself and for being there, unconditionally. 

Today, I want every mother to  seriously, lean back & relax.  Take that mental dump (I wrote a post on this last year, check it out!). Take a deep breath and appreciate every beat of your heart. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and pure peace of mind, if only for a moment.  You have earned this moment. 
Let your child or children spoil you to no end.  Let your husbands or significant others go all the way, out of the way, to make Mother's Day special, just for you!  Receive it and receive more and more and more as the love keeps pouring down, all over you.  You are a queen. You are a mother and this day, is your day, Mother's Day.  Enjoy it and wear your crown well...lean back & relax!

Sometimes "doing nothing" means "everything".  
"On this day, I want to be free to do me." 
Say it, "Be free to do me."
Say it again, "Be free to do me." 
Say it all day long.....
"Be free, to do me!!"
Get it in your spirit...
"Be free, to do me!!"
Now, "do you"....
Lean Back & Relax, all day long!!!
Happy Mother's Day!