Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Making Time For The Next Season.....Coming This Week The LOFT101.net 2016 Summer Agenda and LOFT101.net Recruit 5 Summer Challenge!

Well, Summer is approaching and Spring has been a super fling for me! I have been busier than ever but I never forget about my awesome LOFT101.net followers and viewers... WooHoo!!  Welcome to the family "my new followers!"  We are growing....
Again, I have been blogging less as I stand up my business, brownstonecoaching.com, sister to LOFT101.net!!!   It's been some ups and downs but I love the experience!  From hosting workshops to instructing personal enrichment classes, my life has been less of a blur and more of a blossom!!!  Yes, I'm blossoming on all sides and I love life!
I've been thinking about how I can stay connected with my LOFT101.net family more and talking about it, simply has not worked.  I use to post and blog 3 times a week at a minimum.  Now, I'm fortunate if I'm able to send a post out once every 3 weeks!!  This bothers me and I realize that I need to make a change.  "I need to make time for the next season." 
Sometimes, when you have a lot on your plate and you have to juggle things around, one or more of those things may fall by the wayside.  It's just the way it is!!  I'm grateful and blessed because I have gained some new LOFT101.net followers (welcome!) and that's amazing because I am literally doing more with less!!  What's that mean?  I have less time but I am doing great things and making more impact on people!!   I enjoy helping people and introducing them to new things.   I've always valued one thing about myself and that is, when I give my word to do something, I do my very best to keep it!  My word being, the hosting and sponsorship of the LOFT101.net BYOKOB Workshop that happened almost 2 weekends ago.  Some are still talking about it and for that, I'm thankful that I trusted in God's perfect timing to have this event! 
Ok, enough of that!  So here's the deal..."how can I make time for the next season?"  Well, this is something I want to show you and it's a plan that you too can use "every season" to make time for the next one that's on the way!! 
It's a matter of "accountability" first and "agenda" second!!  In life, routine can work, with repetition. However, if you don't have a regular routine in place, then your plans could be all over the place, with nothing getting accomplished or completed!  For me, I'm experiencing that "all over the place thing" right now and I need more of a regular routine.  I need an agenda but one that I can make myself accountable to...you feeling me?
I've created a LOFT101.net 2016 Summer Agenda for May, June, July and August!  Yes, now you can view ahead of time, what will be posted each week for the next 16 weeks, right here at LOFT101.net!!!  I will try to post on topics that are relevant to summer, family, warm weather, traveling, barbecues and more but I will also touch on topics that are  "Gee Whiz" and just real to talk about!  Of course, I will have some LoftTalk @ Loft101.net contributing writers sharing a post or two with us also! 
ME - "Having an agenda will help organize me and will keep me accountable to me, you and goals I have set out to accomplish."

YOU - Creating an agenda for yourself is also very good to have and a great habit to inherit.  It alleviates the thought of "what you should be doing" versus "what you will do next."  Put it on paper, so there is no guessing to do! 

Let's Get Started....
I'll be posting the summer agenda in a few days and hope you can join in, follow and try some of the ideas I'll be sharing for the next 16 weeks of Summer With Loft101.net and see below to participate in the Recruit 5 Challenge!!
Recruit 5 Summer Challenge!!

Tell your friends and family to join LOFT101.net and if you can get 5 people to sign up and subscribe to LOFT101.net and remain followers for 60 days, then you have won this challenge and an awesome gift for your hard work!
Just send me the 5 names that you have subscribing and if after 60 days from today, they are still subscribers, then your gift will be in the mail. 
Reply to debsloft101@gmail.com with your subscriber names.  Thanks and have fun recruiting!

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