Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Welcoming The Warmth Of White...An Awesome Hue!! {Decorating}


The color white is one of my favorites and I absolutely love white for summer decorating!  There is so much that you can do with white and of course, it goes with everything.  I've used white sheets to spread out on the grass for chilling out in the yard and I love white in the summer months, the most!
I usually refresh our bathrooms in the summer months with white towels, white rugs and white accessories.  White is also an awesome hue to use with black, grey, dark brown and baby blues.  It really goes with just about any color you pair it up with.  The warmth of white welcomes the ocean breeze and summer rays from a hot summer day!  It's neutral, fresh, bright and clean.  It's a crisp twist to contemporary and modern decorating.
When using the color white to decorate, it can really go well in a kitchen.  It pulls out the natural colors that are in granite yet creates a timeless feel unlike any other color.  White is also good to use for backgrounds because it focuses on the less primary colors, bringing them out more. 
Be sure to throw in some other colors when using white because you don't want your project to look too clinical!  If you choose to stick with all white in color for your project, then focus on using different textures of white.  By mixing textures within the same hue, you introduce artistry. 
I usually dress my dining room table for the holidays but for this Memorial Day, I'm using our kitchen island as the place to share in a meal. It's so nice to use the island for casual holidays and it provides a closeness with my guests, as I prepare the meal. 
I'm using white cotton napkins with natural beach stone rings, white plates, ocean blue stemware with white tissue paper for d├ęcor, white tulips nestled in white beach stones, coconut cake, white yogurt covered raisins and the best picked strawberries I could find, to pull this island table setting together! 
Welcome the warmth of white, welcome the warmth of the summer breeze and have fun this summer!
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