Monday, June 27, 2016

Family Reunions...Happy Summer!! LoftTalk @ Contributing Story: Shanay Brown

Hi and Happy Summer!
It's been way too long since I've posted anything and as much as I planned to stay on track with posting something every week, again REAL LIFE got in my!!  It's been good stuff though ;-).  I'm actually working as a Creative Arts Summer Instructor for LTYC and I absolutely love it!  It keeps me on my feet and a joy to see what I'm able to offer as a Creative Artist and Certified Coach!
Well, summer is finally here and we are kicking it off with a LoftTalk Contributing Story on Family Reunions from Shanay Brown.  Family Reunions are a great way to spend quality time together getting to know family that you didn't know you had and additionally, getting to know the family you already know, a little bit better! 
African Americans are known for hosting awesome family reunions, as it is an old tradition that has been around for some time now and continues to play an important part in the lives of so many African Americans. 
A famous singer, Jill Scott, made a song about family reunions and although she may have been talking about her family, the words she express, make you say, "I have an uncle like that!"  LOL...LOL
"I know you will enjoy this post and  a "big thank you to  Shanay" for sharing this story with us."
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By:  Shanay A. Brown     

Well, we have now embarked on another Spring and what do you know, Summer's here!  Wow, what more could we ask for?  Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, cookouts are everywhere, family is visiting and friends are just happy to see you!!
Jill Scott sang about "seeing crazy Uncle Johnnie at this years family reunion on the grill cooking everything from hot dogs to grilled vegetables!!"  Do you have an Uncle Johnnie in your family?   Come on now, don't be ashamed of Uncle Johnnie, he's family and you know you love him...LOL!
Family Reunions are one of the biggest occasions  and events held in the African American Community. It's an event that allows you to see just how fast your cousins have grown upYou listen and learn about things that happened in the past, way before you were born!!  You are amazed by the storytelling shared by your grandparents and you admire your aunts and uncles talking about how they were raised, back in the day.  Your cousins talk about their professions, opportunities and breakthroughs they have made, as people of color.   It's an awesome moment that you find yourself in and just for a minute, you forget about all of your drama and problems that you brought along with you, when you first arrived at the Family Reunion.  

It's such a joy to see little ones playing jump rope and others playing card games such as spades. That's one card game that always seems to play out, late into the evening!! You notice that each family member is special and has a unique way about themselves.  The food is always good and explosive in flavorings.  There's always plenty of mouth watering dishes, desserts, sweet tea and lemonade to feed everyone a few times over!

Family Reunion food is unique by far because there's always that favorite apple pie, finger licking ribs and good old fried chicken that no one in the world can make the same or just as good, as your family members can.
My charge to whomever is reading this is to enjoy these precious moments with your family and close friends.  Take tons of pictures and post them all over the place. Eat all you want and whatever you want.  Mostly, just remember your family loves you and is here to stay.  Right, wrong or indifferent, that's your FAMILY...LOL!