Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Start Again and Turn The Page Today: Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful (BYOKOB) & Be Your Own Kind Of You (BYOKOY)!

A dream is something you have wanted to do, be or have for a long time.  It's an idea or vision that is created in your imagination.
"The willingness to change, has transformed my life."

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As the creator of LOFT101.net, I can proudly say that I will be celebrating 2 years as a blogger this August 2016 and I am so excited! I have worked so hard to brand this blog site as something that I could call my own as a person that shares the who I am "now", my realness, my gift, my talents and in all honesty, where I am, in the moment, of the wonderful life I'm living!

Since the inception and launch of LOFT101.net, I have grown as an individual so much and have accomplished things that I only dreamed about, just a few years ago!  I thought retiring almost 4 years ago from the Department of Defense (DoD), was the pinnacle in my life but little did I know, there was so much more awaiting ahead of me, right around the corner of my life!

The willingness to change, has literally transformed my life.  Needless to say, none of this would have been possible without the Almighty God.  The one that is the greatest and the one that loves us more than we could ever imagine.
"I have changed my life and sometimes when I'm alone, by myself, I get that "Ooh La La La" moment that Teena Marie sang about and truly, I have to pinch myself to see that what I'm feeling, is real!" 

I began transforming my life immediately after retirement, not knowing exactly where I was going but I knew that I was suppose to "start again."  So I did.  I birthed and launched LOFT101.net and blogged almost daily, when I first began.  I love, love, love to blog and write!! (part of my willingness to change and introduce new things into my life). 

Eventually, I invited friends to share on my site and they graciously accepted.  Before long, blogging became second nature to me and LOFT101.net was like family to me.  People actually know me from having this blog site and that really blows me away sometimes!

In May of this year after graduating as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I birthed and launched Brownstone Coaching,brownstonecoaching.com  I related both LOFT101.net and Brownstone Coaching together as one and doors began to open.  I now have 4 courses available for adult education at my local community college and I was hired this summer as a Creative Arts Instructor for a local camp program.

I've search for the last 6 months for the exact type of coach I am and I have struggled with coming up with that title.  I now know exactly what type of coach I am, a Creative Arts Coach and I am working as one right now, thank you God (love it)!

Had I not been hired on this job, this summer, I believe I would still be wondering what to call myself as a coach to really experience the feeling that I wanted and know to be true about myself, as a CPC.  Yes, on a broader sense, I am a life coach too because I do help others explore and navigate areas of their life that they desire to transform or change but more specifically, I am a creative individual.  I love arts and working with my hands to create things!  I've loved crafting since I was a little girl, that's the truth... 

I've developed several workshops that are stirring up interest in others and I'm so delighted to be able to actually work with folks that let me "do my thing!!"  They trust in me and they believe in me and I have delivered. 

I'm the real deal when it comes to creative crafting....God gave me this gift, so I boast about it!!!!

My newest workshops are: 

BYOKOB:  Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful (Ladies)

BYOKOY:  Be Your Own Kind Of You (Youth)

I am so proud of these lessons I have put together. I am currently instructing both of them at my local community college and at the youth camp I am employed at this summer. 
These workshops explore who "you" are, both inside and out.  They are not only lecture driven but interactive participation that allows participants to become actively involved with discovering depths and layers of things that they were not aware of, about themselves. 

I'm helping to change lives in a creative, crafty way and I love it!!  BYOKOB & BYOKOY, that's what turns the page in your life....

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