Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sweeter Guest Suites: For The Rest Of Your Guests..Using Your Whole House!

post signatureJust when everything looked good, you find out your guests are arriving with!  Don't panic, it's all good because you are 101 ready (simple solution)!  Remember back in the day when family showed up and then more family showed up and then they brought their friends too?  What did you or Mama do?  Answer:  Everybody laid out wherever there was some room available..yes?  You know the deal!  Before the purchase of your big  beautiful home, you made do with that apartment, bungalow or small cape cod you!!  "I know" because I did!  

Today my solution to "the rest of your guests" is using your "whole house"!  You will be surprised to see where someone can stretch out, if you just improvise and get a little creative.  "Listen", I just shared with you that I'm a CPC and I've settled on my official coach title as a Creative Arts Coach, so let's get creative ;-)!

When the "rest" of the guests arrive, make sure you follow some tips I'm sharing with you today and "trust" me, they will work!  "Think old school", when all you had was what you had and you made that work, for any given circumstance.  Here we go and happy hosting!!

1. Invest in additional comforters.  Comforters are like sleeping bags that we used as kids.  Shop around and look for sales and specials.  Don't worry about color or design, these are extra bedding for extra folks coming to visit!

2. Purchase at least 2 Queen Size inflatable  beds.  Instantly that sleeps 4 people in total.  A husband and wife or two children.  I love inflatable beds and they are perfect for your guests.  Shop Walmart for best prices on  inflatable beds and Home Goods to find marked down fitted and flat sheets, to keep on hand.

3., I'm taking you back, old school.  A pull out couch is never a bad idea.  If you don't already have one, put it on your "possibilities" list.  Make it "possible" when you can afford too because pull out sofas with beds are not your cheapest option but one that will accommodate 2 more people.  Wait for a sofa sale and then start looking. While you wait for the sale, start thinking about where and what room you can put the sofa in, for everyday use.