Monday, August 29, 2016

Dream In Diversity: A Summer Filled With Colors!


 Diverse, rehearse
arts and crafts
I used my gift
and had some laughs
I met some people
that thought like me
We learned from each other
and that was key
I unlocked some doors
and now I know more
I'm so much better
and that's for sure!
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Finally, I'm back from a long break this summer that was filled with so many exciting things that happen in my life.  The best news that I received was that I'm going to be a GRANDMA for the very first time...yippee!!!!!!

Yes, my daughter is pregnant and expecting in a few months!  Wow, can I share with you?  That news blew me away.  Of course, we are never expecting the unexpected and that was the case for me.  So, I'm all into this good news now and looking so forward to my first grandbaby!!

Well, that was the first thing I had to share.  The second thing was that I was able to work with an awesome group of children this summer in a 7 week workshop as a Visual Arts Instructor and it was an experience I will never forget.  I learned, they learned and we all had a wonderful time simply crafting, coaching, creating and discovering new ideas to reach higher learning in our individual lives.  It was truly amazing!!!

Thirdly, I found out that I will have 4 courses that I authored, available for enrollment at my community college!!!  That's so great for me because I never thought I would interest others enough to launch 1 much less 4 of my classes at a college!

Last but not least, my husband and I will be ordained very soon as Officers in our church as we become Deacon and Deaconess. Although I saved this for last, it truly is first because without God in my life, I would never have anything to share with you, ever.  God gives me everything, inside and out.  He instills in me my thoughts and ideas.  He is who I depend on to stay in this race that I dream about, all the time.  He is the reason why some of my dreams have come true so far!

Well, I hope your summer was the best and adventurous too!  Get ready for the next season because I'm back!!! Don't leave me now, I need you...LOL!

As always, a big hug and thanks to my viewers and followers that kept visiting my site when I was unplugged!  Thanks for reading my old stuff that stayed current because of you!  You kept me online and you probably didn't know it, so thank you, thank you, thank you ♡♡♡  

CONFESSION (Keeping it Real): 
Do you know the one dilemma that a BLOGGER has?  It's the fear of their site going down because they have little or no activity at all. That's why its so important for bloggers to blog often and post a few times a week. Hosting any site, especially a blog site,  needs continuous social activity. If your site is not socially active, advertisers go away and soon after, hosting will go away, as well (I bet you didn't know that)!!  

So, I'm thankful and grateful to say that now, after celebrating 2 years since launching, I can take a month break and still keep my site up and running because of the viewers and subscribers that support me and

I dream in diversity and we, all of us, are growing, in all ways and colors...stay tuned and...
Thank you!