Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Thought For Today: Keeping It Simply Sweet {KISS} {3} Three Ways I Say I Love You!

I've been so busy that I have not had the time I would like, to tell some of the closest people to me how much I appreciate them and how much I love them so much and that my life would just be absolutely horrible without them in it!  At the top of my list is my hubby!  Sometimes we get so busy with our careers and chasing our dreams that we forget that none of those things are important, without each other being right there in the midst of it all!  Here's 3 simple things I did to show my love and to remind my 3 special love ones that, I'm thinking about you and you are important to me. 
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1.  After drying clothes this week, instead of putting my regular nightclothes on, I grabbed my husbands t-shirt!!  Sexy right?  Well, I think he thought so because it had been years since I've done that.  Not only was his t-shirt nice and warm from pulling it out the dryer, it was big and comfy!!  He really liked that I wanted to wear his t-shirt too ;-)!!  Simply said...I LOVE YOU!

2.  Last week, I ran across a picture that Mom and I had taken a few years ago.  You know what I did?  I got on my computer and pasted that picture to a scenery with a large tree in the background.  Next I typed this:  I LOVE YOU MOM!
This is a picture that I cherish.  We took this picture a few years ago and every time I look at it, I remember how close we are and how much fun we always have when we spend time together.  I wanted to share it with you so you could have a copy of it too.  I am so blessed to have a mother like you and I thank God for it.  Thank you Mom for being a good mother to me and for being my friend.  I love you more than you will ever know.  Hugs and Kisses...Deb
Next day, I went to the mailbox and sent it off.  She received it and was so happy about this pleasant surprise!
3.  Living a distance away from my daughter, is hard sometimes. So when I see her, I try to soak up, all of our time together.  Since announcing her pregnancy (yay!!), I've been spending so much money preparing and planning for her baby shower, that there is literally no extra money for anything else, right now!  Well, her birthday rolled around and I warned her in advance, that I would not be sending her a birthday gift because her "baby shower" is taking priority over everything else.  My heart felt horrible, even though I said that, I still felt like I needed to celebrate her birthday.  So, you know what I did? Instead of sending nothing at all, I purchased a $10.00 Rita's Ice Cream gift card and picked up a beautiful birthday card. I mailed it off the next day and it's amazing how such a small gift could make a big difference!  She absolutely loved it and appreciated my sending her something.  $10.00 goes a long way when it comes to ice cream!!
Simply said....I LOVE YOU!

Gifts From Giving Back!!


I'm preparing for a local Knocking Out Breast Cancer Awareness Event that was invited to participate in and I am so excited to be a part of it!  As I prepare the gifts that I will sell as well as give away, I am reminded of how much I love my gift of creativity!  As you may  know by now, I absolutely love creating things for all kind of events.  I just finished creating centerpieces and favors for my daughter's upcoming baby shower.  She will be totally surprised and I'm sure she is going to love the things I have made for her special day.

For this Breast Cancer event, I have coordinated journals, coffee cups, lace bootie slippers, travel guides, picture frames and so many other refreshing items, to make up to 15 gift specialty packages.  Women need "time out" for themselves and that was my focus as I prepared each package.  The feel of tulle and the layers of ribbons, added the finished touch that I wanted for each gift basket. 

Giving back gains so much for you individually.  Knowing you made someone smile or laugh, is awesome!  Giving of your time is priceless and will be remembered long after the event is over.  Here's some of the gifts I've created for this wonderful event.

*I will be making gift baskets throughout the coming holiday season and if you are interested in purchasing one.  They are custom theme, so no two will be alike!  Just call or contact me if you would like to get one for your special someone!!  I will post gift baskets every Friday on beginning November 4, 2016.

If you are able to attend this event, you are welcome!  The address and info is below.

October 8, 2016
10am - 3pm
Clarks United Methodist Church
2001 Kalmia Road
Bel Air, MD  21015

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

8 Fresh Fall Ideas for 2016: Introducing Fall Guide for September

Well it's Fall Yall  ;-)  and I've got some new ideas unfolding in my household this year that you are going to love! Simple ideas and seasonal changes that can really give your a house an uplift and refreshing feel. 
I've done some shopping both in my house and outside my house!  I've found some new looks for my vases and for my table décor.  I'm really focused on my fireplace entry and mantle this year for some reason!  I really want to bring the best out since the fireplace mantel is usually an area that most don't decorate until Christmastime.  There is so much you can do with the mantel and I want to highlight that space this fall and this coming holiday season. 
So, let's check out my 8 fresh fall ideas for 2016 that will hopefully get you started for this fabulous fall season that is about to begin!  Have fun and put some time aside to spend reading this post because it's my exclusive Fall Guide.  It's a lot longer than my usual posts (I'm making up for lost time with you!! ..LOL). 
Again, hope it jump starts you with ushering in the Fall Season!!
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Welcome Autumn!!!

1.  Vases -  Ever wonder what you can do with vases to kick them up a notch?  Well, I love to leave large floor vases empty for the most part because I think an empty vase looks so tasteful and more like a piece of art when its empty and just sitting in the middle of nowhere or in a room near a piece of wall art.  However, I also like to utilize my vases more when I am looking to refresh a look.  Here, I've taken my empty vases that I usually leave empty 75% of the year and I've added some thin bamboo sticks.  I've added some straight ones to one of the vases and some coiled sticks to the other.  I love the change and the simple, clean look that it gives.
2.  Accessories - Accessorizing is always a plus.  Adding décor that is seasonal such as pumpkins, leaves, straw and lanterns for the Fall season add a lovely feel to your home.  I absolutely love little odd pieces placed around the house to bring out the seasonal flavor of Fall.  White pumpkins are my favorite.  I also keep a lot of artificial fruit around for all seasons as well as wicker balls.  I simply rearrange them for each season to stand out more with that time of the year.  Here, with summer ending, I've separated my lemons and oranges and placed them in individual glass bowls and I used my summer lemonade decanter to display limes, pears and lemons and oranges to create a nectar fruit look for fall.  This is a good way to make use of some useful kitchen items (decanter!).

 3.  Dining Table - Ok, this is simple!  Refresh with a new tablecloth and then tie the corners for a fun look.  Top with your favorite centerpiece and you've created a new look!  This is a Calvin Klein tablecloth I picked up from Home Goods for $16.99!  As contemporary as I am, when it comes to Autumn, I'm pretty old-fashion and I love fall colors and the look of Fall flowers and leaves ;-)!
4.  Buffet - Now this is one area I love to redo ever season of the year!  You can be creative even if you are not creative when decorating your buffet table or area where you keep your dining table and dinnerware.  Just have fun!  I picked up a strand of leaf garland and added some orange and yellow ribbon to it to bring out more color.  On the table, I included lanterns with tea light candles, the glass bowl of wicker balls and some small vases that have an old distorted look.  Try to select colors that are the same but also ones that are not the same, to help your finished creation, pop!

5.  Candles -  Be careful!!!  I have to remind you that you should never leave candles unattended!  Now that you will be careful ;-), let's talk how awesome candles look both lit and unlit, when adding them to your overall décor.  Lanterns are a no brainer for a "real fall" look.  So add some lanterns and then you can add small tea light candles to them to finish off.  Also, create or re-create a special spot that you have for burning candles.  I only burn candles in one area of our home. It's just the safest way to monitor them for me.  I usually use white beach stones in the summer on a white decorative plate made for candle burning. In the fall, I switch out the beach rocks to these shiny peachy glass stones.  They look perfect with my Bath and Body Works 3-wick Candles (Favorite Autumn Scents:  Leaves & Honey Crisp Apple). 


6.  Front Door - The front door is a must, when it's time to change your outside look!  I keep several wreaths on hand for each season, so when it's time to change my look, I shop in my own home...LOL!  This is one of my favorite fall wreaths that I popped on my door in less than 5 minutes!

7.  Walls and Floors - It doesn't cost much to add a small area rug to the floor or another picture or two on the walls.  Here's a cool area rug I picked up from Plow and Hearth.  It looks so nice in front of our deck door, off of the kitchen.  The veggies shown in the rug and the black background, work perfectly with our window treatment (black shades) in the kitchen also.  A simple and tasteful change for less than $30.00.  The picture was a gift from my sister-in-law and I absolutely love it!  It matches our overall coastal home décor.  Shop Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Kirkland's for reasonably priced floor and wall décor.

8.  Organizing - I call this my "now or ladder" organizing effort!!  Here's something that I never think to do when I'm refreshing for the next season because it just feels too much like work...LOL!!  Well, this time I did think of it!  It took some time to complete this effort but when I was done, it really made a difference in the look of my book ladder!  I subscribe to Food Network, HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, Rachel Ray and almost any magazine that provides food and decorating ideas!  I decided to organize each of my magazines by title, month and year!  (Wow, I really bit off more than I could chew with this project but it was so worth it.)  Not only does it look good, it's functional!  When I need to refer to ideas for spring, summer, winter or fall, I reach for my magazines because everything is organized and available immediately.  I don't have to hunt for magazines with Christmas ideas.  Each magazine with Christmas holiday ideas,  is filed by the month of  "December"!  It looks really nice too because of the colors that each magazine uses for each month!  So if you have cookbooks or magazines that you can alphabetize or organize in a manner that works better for you, use your seasonal makeover time to do it.  It's better to do it "now" rather than "later"...LOL!

Keep following the Fall Guide!!