Monday, October 10, 2016

Celebrate You and Make Time For What Matters!

Ever wondered where the time goes when you have to be somewhere or have to get something done?  It just seems like the older I get, the less time I have to get things done! 
I wake up pretty early most mornings and I have a zillion things on my mind that I want to do but time is just not on my side.  Is that you too?  I've realized that I have to make time for what matters and everything else will just have to wait. 
"Life is too short" really holds true as you begin to reach the golden years.  Our minds somehow seem to remain "young" but our physical bodies let us know very quickly, that we are "getting older" and need to respect our age.
I've done so much that I've wanted to do in my life and everyday, there is still another thing I want to accomplish or experience.  I've learned to prioritize by keeping a journal and a planner near by.  I jot down the things that "I must do" and then there is my "try to" list of things that I try :-) to make happen before they are no longer a thought!
Make time for what matters in your life.  If you want to paint that room you adore so much, THEN DO IT!  If fixing all the cabinets in your house have become loose, FIX THEM!  Want to be a better friend? START TODAY!  Sick and tired of everyone else living your dreams? START MAKING YOURS HAPPEN NOW!
Just make time for what matters...
Celebrate YOU!
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