Sunday, November 20, 2016 LOVE IT Holiday Adventures!

Yes, we are 35 days away from Christmas Day and I have so much I want to do.  I want to share most of what I do with my family and because I am wearing so many hats right now, it's been really hard to blog on a regular but I'm going to do my best to make up for lost time before this year is out!
  I have to admit I've been very busy but I am loving the work I'm doing as a professional coach and blogger.  I'm still building my business at and as for, there are a few things I will be doing and sharing with you before the end of the year and we are going to have a good time.  I'll invite you into my decorating project on my office bathroom as I repaint it and design it with d├ęcor that compliments my office.
Craft along with me as I welcome you into my Office Workshop as I create some nice Christmas gifts you can make with DIY101 instructions I'll share with you for each item!
Get ready for the best "Cookie Swap" experience.  I'll welcome you into my kitchen as me and some of my closest friends and family bake up the best batch of cookies to exchange for the Christmas Holiday!
Here we go...come on into OUR HOUSE and keep following for FUN, FUN, FUN!!  I'll be starting one of these projects next week, after Turkey Day!
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 I welcome you into our house this holiday season to join in on my LOVE IT HOLIDAY ADVENTURES.  I'll be sharing photos of each event.  I'm a little behind on redecorating my bathroom and this project may slip into 2017 but I'm going to try to stay on point with this adventure.  I'll keep you posted....LOL! 
The "What's on My Christmas Table?" is starting very soon as I begin to lay things out on my large craft table, take pictures and post them. I will create projects from those items.  You are going to love this adventure! 
Lastly, time for our 2nd Annual Cookie Swap! My friend Deb and I hosted a cookie swap a few years ago and it was very nice. So, we have decided to do it again but bigger and better!  We are adding some new flavor, new people and new recipes that will make this Cookie Swap unlike any other.  We are beginning to discuss the logistics (that's what we do as certified logisticians..LOL) of how we plan to pull things together.  I'll be sharing photos on and of course I'll have plenty of pictures of cookies!!
1.  Refreshing my office bathroom (repainting and possibly wallpapering) 
2.  What's on my Christmas Craft Table?  (DIY projects from items on my table)
3.  Holiday Cookie Swap