Friday, December 30, 2016

New Discoveries: Getting To Know Me In 2016.... 5 New Things I Learned About Myself This Year!

This year was a year of "new discoveries" for me and I just have to share them with you before I write the post that was suppose to be my very last one for 2016.  Oh well, I love to write, blog and keep busy, so count it to my heart and not to my head...;-)
I was sitting around today and I was actually thinking about some new things I discovered this year about me and some that I just ran across but "absolutely love" the idea that these new things are now a part of my life! 
Some are simple things and others are big things that I never imagined would cross my path this year.  I thought it would be appropriate to share this post with you before talking about 2017.  
Maybe you have some new discoveries too that you really haven't thought about but they made a difference in your life this year ;-) them down but for's mine! 
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I discovered that I absolutely "love" my hair in a natural state!  It's taking some time to grow out partly because every time it gets unruly, I slap a perm back up in it !!  Honestly, I have decided I am going to give it the best that I can and let my perm grow out...all the way!  I'm still playing with it as you can see (I am horrible at taking!  I like wearing a headband for a softer look sometimes because I'm not use to my hair being full although I wore it this way when I was young.  Anyway, new discovery in 2016 and I love it!  Wish me well with growing it out in 2017...haha!
I discovered in 2016 that I "love" avocados!!!  I use to look at these things in the store and turn my head.  I couldn't understand why people liked them but thanks to my awesome husband, yes he is AWESOME because he hip me to avocados this year and they are part of my grocery list!  I even have them added to my egg white omelet when we go to IHOP for!  I also love guacamole now, you think???  Yes, something new ( motto) that was introduced to me and I'm really glad I like them!!
Best discovery ever in 2016 for me was when I found out that I was going to be a GRANDMA!!!!!!  Yes, that news topped all news in 2016 for me, my husband and our family.  When I first found out that my daughter was pregnant, my mind began to think of so many different things.  I wasn't really in shock but more concerned with status, timing, finances and all of the other things that parents worry about when it comes to their children.  After, that moment passed, I pretty much did what I know "works", I prayed!!  "God will take care of everything" and once I relieved myself of some of the natural things, my spirit received this good news and I was really excited about the idea of being a "nana"!!  Yea, I like "nana" yall!!!  So, long story, I learned how to make diaper cakes and I was tickled with myself.  I'm pretty creative with making things  and coming up with new ideas but I must admit, I really surprised myself when I was able to pull this creation off for the baby shower!!  I discovered a new talent in me and was thrilled!!
This is a little discovery I made while shopping in Home Goods.  Now, I have really found some of the best items and home goods in "Home Goods" but this one is one of the best discoveries I've ever found.  Some of you may already know about this gadget and I may be late...LOL.  That's ok because better later than not at all!!  This is a Olive Oil Spray Can.  Love it!!!!!!!  You fill it with EVOO and pump it like you are pumping air in your bicycle tires and this baby is great for spraying on salads, fry pans, veggies and anything else you like using olive oil on!  I really love this gadget because it doesn't let me over use olive oil and I like the spray effect rather than the pour effect.  Pick one up and guess what it only cost $5.00!!!!  Great "little" discovery for me this year!
Let me start by saying I'm not a baker but my Mama is (and a good one too)...LOL!!  I discovered this Art Cookie Book and found out how "art" can be used in a whole different way!!  Using sanded sugar to create artistry!  Wow, I was blown away as a crafter because I like stuff like that!!!!  A way that I can be creative at baking without being a master baker!!  I just love user friendly stuff!!  This book is user friendly and I know because I actually believe I can make some really artsy cookies by using the knowledge gained from this book..LOL!!  I'll show you during New Years because I'm making some cookies called Cream Cheese Spritzers and I'm designing my cookies based on the designs this book shows you how to do.  I know my cookies are going to look professional...HAHA!!!  Can't 2016 discovery in baking for me and new level of artistry too!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

5 Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Gifts To Make In Minutes: What's On My Craft Table 2016 Is Done!!!



Thank you for making my life so meaningful
 this holiday season.  I have already received a
 few emails on how some of you like the ideas
 that I shared.  I apologize for last minute but
 "last minute" gifts are loved just as much as
 "on time" gifts...LOL (yes, I'm making
It's all about GIVING! That's what's
 important.  Enjoy yourself this week as this
year ends and a new year will begin!  I look
forward to 2017 and to meeting more people
 and growing in the gifts that make me who I
Follow me this week as I share my very last
post for 2016 from LOFT101.NET.
You will find it inspiring....
God Bless You!!

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Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift: Pasta Pretty Please Gift Package {What's On My Craft Table 2016 Series - Project #5}


This is the last craft item on my table for 2016!!
I save the best for last because this creation is one that you can enjoy long after the holidays are over.  It's my Pasta Pretty Please Gift Package.  It's simply a colander filled with pasta and goodies to fix a great pasta dinner.  I've given this gift away already :-) (remember to pay it forward this holiday season) and the recipients were overjoyed to receive it. 
Enjoy being creative when creating this gift and think of the person who will receive it.  That will help you with your creation...see you next year with more of the same good stuff that I like to make but love to share with you on LOFT101.NET!!!  Love ya....
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Here's everything you need to make the same gift pasta package that I did:
A box of ziti noodles, a colander, tongs, bag of bruschetta bread rounds, garlic pepper seasoning, roasted red pepper & artichoke sauce, basil and sundried tomato olive oil, two silicone hand mitts, the bag of pasta (it's hidden in this picture) and the brillo catcher.
Add hard, raw (do not cook!) ziti noodles as your filler for your colander.
Add your basil and sundried tomato olive oil, one hand mitt and the bag of bruschetta bread rounds.
Add the other hand mitt, the roasted red pepper & artichoke sauce and the tongs.


           Lastly, add the pasta, hang the brillo catcher to the outside of the colander and add a big bow to finish off your Pasta Pretty Please Gift Package!

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift: How To Make My Too Tall Tin Candle Centerpiece {What's On My Craft Table 2016 Series - Project #4}


Merry Christmas Week is still going on strong at and I'm sharing craft ideas that you can still make in minutes to give for the New Year!  Are guests coming to dinner?  Well, check out this AWESOME tin can table centerpiece that is "to tall" to not talk about!  It will grace your dinner table in beauty because it's tall and it's totally easy to make...let's get started.  Oh yea..Happy New Year!!
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You will need one tin can (of course), scissors, small stones and a candle.
Add stones to your tin can and fill to the top leaving about 3-4 inches available at the top for your candle to fit in. (hint:  you can also us sand to fill your tin can with for the most part and then add your stones to the top to show the beauty of your project.
Now, place your candle in the can, on top of the stones.
This is optional; make a beautiful bow (simple to do: fold ribbon back and forth in an accordion manner.  Go back and forth about 6 times, ending up with at least 3 ribbon strips on each side.  Clip the end.  Take another piece of ribbon and tie it in the center to secure your accordion bow strip.  Now, pull apart each bow strip until you have a full bow.  Play with it until it looks like a bow!)
Add double sided tape to the end of each tail of your bow.

Wrap bow around the very bottom of your tin can and attach the to end tails together, sealing with the double sided tape.
This is IMPORTANTPrint or handwrite a label to place on the back of your tin can that states to please remove the ribbon before burning. Oh by the way, make sure you spell the word "BEFORE" correctly...LOL!!!  I guess I just type too fast :-)

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift: How To Make My Mason Jar Nightlight Water Globe {What's on My Craft Table 2016 Series - Project #3}

Merry Christmas Week!!
I'm back on Christmas Week with another "too easy" DIY craft project that you can surprise someone with anytime throughout the holiday season.  Check this idea out that's beautiful to look at in morning but is even prettier when it's time to say  goodnight...LOL!! 
Follow the photos and captions to see how easy this is to make!  You can purchase these Water Lights at Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx!  When all else fails, try (they have everything...LOL)!!
Remember, it's still Christmas week and giving never goes out of style. Pay it forward all week long and light up someone's life that you love by creating this awesome gift(trust me, they will accept it with a smile)!! LOVE Yall!!
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You will need a mason jar, a Christmas ornament, and water lights.

Inside your box of water lights, you will find  a waterproof, submersible LED water light that is easy turn on and will transform any water-filled jar or vase into a lighted creation.

Add the acrylic gems and then add water to your jar.  Add just enough water to cover to very top of the gems.

Now add the submersible water light device (follow directions on the packet to see how to turn on the device). 

Now drop the water light device into the mason jar filled with water.  The water lights I have change colors ever few seconds.

Next, attach your ornamented to the top removable lid of the mason jar.  I used a little silver Christmas tree that had a bell on it.  I removed the white bell from the bottom of the ornament and this is what was I attached to my jar lid.

Use double sided tape to attach your ornament to your mason jar lid.  It works great!

Put the lid back on and you have now created a beautiful nightlight water globe!!  The color has now changed to clear white..

Now it's green...

And blue...

And pink....

If you want to decorate your jar, add a gold strip of ribbon around the rim of the top of your jar using a glue stick.  What a beautiful purple!!!