Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cookie Swap

OK!!!  I'm  ready....
I promised you 1 full week of crafting and I am already 2 days behind the revised schedule, so I apologize!  I must say, I feel flattered that so many of you have emailed me or sent a message in on my contact page asking about the "What's on My  Craft Table" projects and when am I going to start making them...LOL!! (Love my family of followers and subscribers!!)
 I was suppose to have started this blog series last Tuesday and had to put it off until this week because LIFE just got crazy!  I hosted a Cookie Swap with a close friend and we were blessed with more attendees than we had planned on!  It was an awesome evening of swapping, sharing and singing throughout the night!  There were more than enough cookies to go around and such a variety to choose from.  Everyone went home with a large tin and had a great time!  It was a local thing with my local net of friends and it was FUN!
Next year, I 'll be sure to post some photos on my blog!  I simply went unplugged that evening and just enjoyed myself. No blogging at all.......just having fun, hanging out with friends.  I'm glad I was able to at least get this photo of the cookies to share with you. 
Getting ready now for some of my family members that will be visiting for the holiday...I'm so happy for more company during the holiday!! 
"Thanks Deb W. for hosting this Cookie Swap with me and thanks ladies for being so awesome and for baking so many cookies.!!!"
Now don't go anywhere!!  Check out the next few posts as I begin to strip that craft table and build our 5 gifts!!!!   Guess what?  I've also included one extra craft, #6, just for YOU!!   
"I'm  making up for my tardiness"...LOL!!!
Ok, I'm ready, so let's get started.......
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