Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift: How To Make My Sparkling Cider Swaddle Wrap {What's On My Craft Table 2016 Series - Project #1}

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Sparkling Cider can always be found at our house because we just love to have a bottle around to celebrate the simple things!  During the holidays you can find the cider bottles dressed in decorative wrapping, in a variety of colors.  I love that idea because it makes less to do in the way of wrapping it yourself. 
Today, we are going to make what I call  a Sparkling Cider Swaddle Wrap!  If you are a new grandma-to-be like me, you learn real fast what swaddle is!  I found out that receiving blankets are a thing of the past for babies and a "swaddle" is the new receiving blanket! 
Well, being that I think out-the-box and I'm always looking for another innovative idea to share with you, I decided to wrap some bottles of apple cider in a festive dish cloth and I used the "swaddle" technique!   It's fast to do and easy.  This idea dresses up a gift that cost about $7.00 to make!! 101 creative crafting all the way!! 
Here's everything you need:
-1 bottle of Sparkling Cider
-Some of your favorites gadgets/utensils
Lay dish towel flat

Fold bottom half to middle or close to the middle

Add Sparkling Cider bottle to center, placing inside the folded part

Fold left side over to center but fold right side halfway and then fold to the center

Align and flatten to create "swaddle wrap"
Tie ribbon tightly around "swaddle wrap"

Place utensil on top of ribbon  
Tie once again to secure utensil to swaddle wrap

Now make your bow


Add your ornament and you are done!!!!  Deliver one more in a wired or decorative basket.  Stuff with tissue paper to give the final product a finished look.